Advanced Studies in Music and Humanities

Fall 2022
Winter 2023
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 8
16 Credits per quarter
Variable credit options, see below
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Singer/songwriters, audio producers, and musicologists with special projects can earn college credit for their work via regular group conferences with faculty, reading, listening, and viewing lists, a detailed study plan, journaling, and academic papers. 

Whether you're primarily interested in performance, production, history, theory, or ethnomusicology, developing both your creative and critical thinking skills is important to sustaining any career, especially one in the arts. Financial planning and management skills are also an important part of any successful creative practice. Plan to spend about half your time on creative work and half your time on related academic projects such as research on particular compositions, musicians, or other topics such as copyright, music therapy, social media, or touring.

In addition to their individual projects, students will work together in small groups to build networks, share strategies, and grow as artists and scholars.

This is a variable credit offering. In your draft proposal sent to faculty via email, please specify the number of credits you intend to earn, and any additional coursework you intend to complete. Fall students will need to complete a new study plan, then re-register for the winter. 

New students are welcome to join this ongoing program for winter quarter. 


Fall 2022 Registration

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Project proposal due to faculty one week before term begins.

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Jr - Sr (1 - 16): 10038
Winter 2023 Registration

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Project proposal due to faculty one week before term begins.

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musicology, music theory, ethnomusicology, or related fields in the humanities such as studies of popular culture.

Variable Credit Options

This program is available for 8 to 16 credits. 

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