CARE (Campus Assessment, Response & Evaluation) Team

CARE Team Reporting Mechanism

To make a report to the CARE Team, visit Report of Community Concern

Please do not use email to report CARE Team referrals. It is important that referrals come through the report form link above.  

What is the CARE Team?

The CARE Team is an interdisciplinary group which addresses referrals with the goal of supporting student success and helping to steward a healthier and safer learning community.

The Team includes colleagues from the following areas: Wellness Services, Residential & Dining Services, Career & Academic Advising, Access Services, Academic Deans, First Peoples Multicultural, Trans & Queer Support Services, TRiO Student Success, Financial Aid, Veterans Center, Registrar, Student Rights & Responsibilities, Title IX, and Police Services.

What happens with a referral?

The Team will review the information and assess whether or not CARE action is appropriate.

You will not receive additional information unless there is an educational need to know.

These referrals are not confidential, and we will let students know they have been referred.

The Team meets regularly to ensure our responses are coordinated. Our immediate goal is to attend to individual student and community well-being and safety. After that, we explore opportunities to support persistence and academic success.

The CARE Team is limited in scope. Like you, we cannot ensure that students use the recommended resources or seek help when it is offered; we are able to make referrals and encourage action.

We are very aware of the gap in resources to meet some students’ needs and in these instances we can assist students to access available community services.

We review referrals with an eye toward community safety. If the information provided suggests a threat to individual or community safety, the report is reviewed by Evergreen’s Student Threat Assessment Team (Director, Police Services; Director, Student Rights & Responsibilities; Director, Wellness, Recreation & Athletics; and Vice Provost for Student & Academic Life). This team uses available information and a rubric to evaluate the potential threat to community safety and to take appropriate steps to mitigate that risk.

CARE is an acronym for Campus Assessment, Response & Evaluation which is what the Team does with each referral.

What can I do to be helpful?

We encourage you to help students understand what reasonable behavior is by setting clear expectations for appropriate engagement and by providing direct feedback as needed.

We also encourage you to make referrals directly. This will help the CARE Team reinforce a conversation you have started. Students are most likely to make use of needed resources when staff or faculty they already know make the suggestion.

What resources are available to help me make a referral?

The CARE Team website provides resources for Responding to Students in Distress, Resources for Student Needs, and Campus Services. Please use these tools to make appropriate referrals directly with students about whom you are concerned.

What if I have an unanswered question?

Please contact the CARE Team at or x6296​

Resources for Staff/Faculty