CARE (Campus Assessment, Response & Evaluation) Team

CARE Team Reporting Mechanism

To make a report to the CARE Team, visit Report of Community Concern

Please do not use email to report CARE Team referrals. It is important that referrals come through the report form link above.  

CARE Team Mission

The Evergreen CARE (Campus Assessment, Response & Evaluation) Team is a multidisciplinary, collaborative group who meets weekly to address and respond to the needs of students in apparent or potential distress, and/or who are exhibiting concerning behaviors that may be impacting others. The CARE Team's overall goal is to balance individual success and wellness with success, wellness, and safety of the Evergreen community. 

Steps to CARE Report

1. Have you had a conversation with the student who is displaying behavior of concern? 

  • Express your care
  • Acknowledge the concern. Try to use specific observable behaviors
  • Offer consideration of resources
  • Restate expectations and reaffirm boundaries of your role

2. Document the conversation you've had with the student

3. If behavior continues, refer to the CARE Team. Please include any strategies or interventions that have already been tried within your report narrative. 

CARE Team Membership

CARE's core team includes but is not limited to representatives from:

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Student Wellness Services
  • Access Services
  • Residential & Dining Services
  • Academic & Career Advising
  • Academic Deans Office
  • Campus Police

Other campus partners will be invited to the meetings as student needs suggest appropriate.

Resources for Staff/Faculty