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Evergreen Records Policies & Procedures

Washington Administrative Code as it applies to Evergreen records

Evergreen's Electronic Records Retention Procedures (PDF)

Approved Records Schedules

Current Evergreen Records Retention Schedule (PDF) - Approved 2015

Washington State Government General Records Retention Schedule

You may use the State General Retention Schedules to obtain the Records Disposition Authority Number by matching the description to the records series you are scheduling. If you are scheduling a series that is unique to your office (not included in the General Retention Schedules), then use the Evergreen schedule to determine the Disposition Authority Number (DAN) assigned to the records you are transferring. Contact the Records Manager to get your unique schedules updated or added to the Current Evergreen Records Schedules.

The disposition authority numbers (DAN) from other State and local sources cannot be used for Evergreen records but the titles and descriptions can, as can the retention periods, to develop a DAN request for similar series. Note that all revisions to Evergreen schedules must be approved by the Washington State Records Committee before they can be used.

Records Inventory: Non-Current Records Held in the College Records Center

Records held in the Archives


Records Transmittal (Excel)

Records Transmittal (PDF)

Instructions for Records Transfer to the Records Center

  1. Use Washington State Archives cubic foot boxes - these are available new from the bookstore and used from the Records Center
  2. Place specific records series in one or more boxes, depending on their volume. If a box is unfilled, series with the same retention period and destruction date may be placed within one box.
  3. Fill out the Records Transmittal Form (see FORMS below)
    1. Date Prepared, Office of Record, Transmitted by - These are self evident - they are to identify the Provenance (office of origin) of the records being transferred.
    2. Record Officer Approval, Date Received, Archival - These spaces are filled out by the Records Center Staff along with "c" Records Location below.
      1. In most cases, the records transferred to the Records Center will not be Archival. This designation is restricted to only those records series with perpetual administrative, legal or historical importance and interest. These decisions are often reflected in the Records Retention Schedules which are approved by the College Archivist and the State Records Committee. All other records will be destroyed based on their retention schedule.
    3. Record Location: will be provided by the Records Center when the form is posted to the web page.
    4. Box #: Each functional area will create their own number for each box as follows:
      1. Box Identification and Numbering System:
        1. Each box will be identified by the title of the office of origin (i.e., Student Accounts, Cashiers, Counseling Center )
          • Following the Office of Origin, each box will have a number consisting of the current year that it is entering the Records Center followed by a two digit number in sequence beginning with 01 (use a leading zero prior to single digit numbers to allow the computer to properly sort the box numbers).Example: Cashier 2004-09
          • USE AVERY 5168 Labels or equivalent to print from the template - available at The Evergreen State College Bookstore or office supply stores in the area
    5. Records Series Title: Be sure to provide a description for the records series that will enable yourself and others from your office to access the files placed in an individual box. This should be the same as the title on the Records Schedules.
      1. Use description from the Records Retention Schedules - either the Washington State General Retention Schedule (preferred whenever possible) or the The Evergreen State College schedule specific to your office.
        • If the description in the Evergreen Records Schedules is not adequate or needs expansion for clarity, submit a new description using the Records Activity Notice form (see FORMS) to the Records Manager
        • If necessary, supplemental detail can be added to the description supplied from the Records Retention Schedule without submitting a new description as long as the general description remains applicable
    6. Inclusive Dates: Include the earliest and last dates that the boxed papers represent. The last date is the basis on which the destruction date is calculated by adding the retention period.
    7. Destruction Year: Add the retention period to the last date in the Inclusive Dates column for each box.
      1. If all boxes listed on the sheet are the same, indicating the date only once in the column is permitted
    8. Retention Period: Take this number from the Retention Schedules
    9. Disposition Authority: Use the number from the Retention Schedules that is opposite the description of the records series being boxed
  4. Contact Records Management ( OR phone x6126) to have your transmittal form reviewed and schedule a time to deliver the boxes.


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