Return to Evergreen 2023

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Return to Evergreen 2023 

Thank you for joining us in celebration of our astounding alumni community, honoring alumni successes, impact, and the spirit of life-long learning! At Return to Evergreen 2023 we celebrated in Tacoma and Olympia. Enjoy our photo galleries below to relive your Evergreen experience and celebration of our alumni community.


On October 8, You reconnected with your alumni community, immersed yourself in engaging conversations, learned through collaboration, and attended a Sankofa Soirée.


  • Living History I: Back from Africa with Charlotte Hill O’Neal 
  • Living History II: A Conversation with Anthony L. Norman Sr. '18
  • Sankofa Soirée Reception
Return to Evergreen Tacoma Speaker
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Attendees
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Speakers
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Speaker
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Attendees
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Attendees
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Attendees
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Speaker and Attendees
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Attendees
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Attendees
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Speaker
Return to Evergreen 2023 Tacoma Speaker and Attendees


On October 14, You enjoyed reconnecting with your alumni community, immersed yourself in hands-on workshops, learned through collaboration, and joined lively social events featuring alumni vendors.


  • Morning Session:
    • Facing the Climate: Turning Anxiety into Action
    • See Yourself in Our Social Justice Collective
    • Nurturing the Soul: Crafting Your Own Organic Herbal Tea
    • Evergreen Alumni Shaping the Future of Labor: A Roundtable Conversation
  • Afternoon Session:
    • Unlocking Minds: Empowering Change Through Liberatory Education
    • Design Time! Printmaking Workshop
    • Values Proposition: Social Impact with Greener Businesses
    • s'gʷi gʷi ʔ altxʷ House of Welcome Workshop
  • Greener Hour Celebratory Social

Session Details

Facing the Climate: Turning Anxiety into Action

Anthony Levenda Ph.D., Michael Joseph ’17

Are you feeling the weight of the climate crisis, a mix of rage, fear, grief, and worry? You're not alone. Climate Anxiety (or eco-anxiety) has become a shared experience that touches us all in unique and profound ways. But amidst these emotions, there is hope, action, and empowerment waiting to be unlocked. 

Join us for a captivating dialogue and workshop, where together we’ll delve into the heart of Climate Anxiety and transform it into a force for positive change. This session features a diverse lineup of esteemed Evergreen alumni, representing a spectrum of sectors from private to public, who have not just asked the question "what can I do about it?" but have taken tangible steps to make a difference. Don't miss this chance to turn Climate Anxiety into Climate Action! Together, we forge a sustainable future.  

Session Highlights

Harnessing Emotions for Change: Learn how to channel feelings of rage, fear, and grief into a powerful catalyst for action. Our panelists will share their firsthand experiences of navigating these emotions and transforming them into proactive energy. 

Ask the Experts: Pose your questions to our alumni panel during the dedicated audience Q&A session. Get insights directly from those who have been there and done that. 

Workshop Your Journey: Collaborate with panelists and fellow participants to see how you can implement effective climate action into your life. Empower yourself with actionable and tangible steps to mitigate climate anxiety to make a difference in your life and those around you. 

Curated Resources: Discover a wealth of ongoing resources thoughtfully curated by the Center for Climate Action and Sustainability (CCAS). 


Anthony Levenda Ph.D., Director of the Center for Climate Action & Sustainability
Michael Joseph ’17, Assistant Director of the Center for Climate Action & Sustainability 


Carol Rashawwna Williams ’97, Artist and Cultural Innovator
Craig Addison Houston MCRP, AICP, ’13, Climate Adaptation Strategist 
Christy Holz ’78, Founder of Applied Power Corporation 
Lisa Price, Program Manager at INSPIRE Environmental 

See Yourself in Our Social Justice Collective

Cholee Gladney ’00, Nichole Ossa ’01

Discover your role in promoting social justice at Evergreen in this dynamic workshop led by the inspirational Cholee Gladney ’00. This workshop isn't just about learning; it's about becoming part of something greater—a movement for positive change, and a pivotal moment in advancing equitable practices at Evergreen. Join us at the Social Justice Center for community collaboration through discovery, active dialogue, and determination. Together, we can champion equitable practices, foster understanding, and sow the seeds for a more just and inclusive future at Evergreen and beyond. Your presence can make all the difference. 

Session Highlights 

Explore the Social Justice Center: Step into the heart of Evergreen's commitment to social justice where you’ll gain insights into the center's mission, initiatives, and the powerful role it plays in fostering a more inclusive Evergreen community. 

Amplify Your Voice: Be a vital part of envisioning the future of social justice work at Evergreen. Collaboratively we’ll generate ideas and insights that can contribute to the development of a collective vision for social justice initiatives on campus and forging meaningful connections with one another.  

Resource Sharing and Collaboration: Explore a wealth of tools, strategies, and educational materials to fuel your social justice journey. 


Cholee Gladney ’00, Associate Dean of Climate and Belonging Education
Nichole Ossa ’01, Chief of Proactive Equity, Antiracism, Access Planning, and Belonging, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services 

Nurturing the Soul: Crafting Your Own Organic Herbal Tea

Beth Leimbach ’94

Join us for an enchanting journey into the world of organic herbal teas amidst the picturesque setting of Evergreen’s Organic Farm. Indulge your creativity as you step into the role of tea artisan. Guided by Beth Leimbach ’94 and Organic Farm student workers, you’ll handpick ingredients from the garden's offerings, discover sustainable farming practices, and embark on a sensory adventure through the fields, learning to identify a diverse array of herbs and medicinal plants. Harness the power of scent, taste, and intention as you concoct a personalized herbal tea. Your creation will encapsulate vibrant flavors and the essence of your journey through the farm's tapestry of herbs. 

Session Highlights 

Herbs as Healers: A sensory adventure through the fields, learning to identify a diverse array of herbs and medicinal plants. Beth Leimbach, with her profound knowledge, will unveil the stories these plants hold and their remarkable healing properties.  

Hands-on Tea Cupping: An immersive sensory experience exploring a variety of tastes and aromas elevating your appreciation for tea cupping. 

Bring Your Creation Home: Leave with your creation – a unique tea blend to remind you of your experience and your unique connection with the land and the plants that nourish us. 


Beth Leimbach ’94, Organic Farm Manager

Student Speaker:  

Joshua Espada ’24

Evergreen Alumni Shaping the Future of Labor: A Roundtable Conversation

Sarah Ryan ’92, John Stocks ’81

Amidst a burgeoning wave of interest, labor unions are undergoing a remarkable revival, particularly among the younger workforces. With public approval ratings surging past 70%, a stark contrast to previous decades, labor's relevance is on the ascent. Within this evolving landscape, numerous graduates who have embraced Greener ideals are embarking on fulfilling careers within the labor movement, assuming roles as organizers, administrative professionals, elected visionaries, legal advocates, and grassroots catalysts.

Join us for a compelling roundtable discussion, guided by the insights of Sarah Ryan ’92 and John Stocks ’81. Together we will delve into the journeys that propelled Evergreen alumni into the heart of labor movement endeavors, gain an understanding of the profound influence their Evergreen education exerted on their paths, and explore the aspirations they nurture for the movement in the present day.

Session Highlights

Greener Values in Action: Explore how the foundational values and interdisciplinary education imparted by Evergreen have shaped the perspectives and actions of alumni in their labor movement work. Learn how these values contribute to innovative approaches within the movement.

Lessons from the Past, Visions for the Future: Engage with Sarah Ryan ’92, John Stocks ’81, and our Alumni Panel as they reflect on the historical significance of labor movements and share their visions for the movement's future. Learn how the lessons of the past inform their strategies for creating positive change.

Interactive Dialogue: Participate in a vibrant exchange of ideas during this roundtable session. Pose your questions to the speakers and engage in a dialogue about the intersection of Evergreen's educational approach and the evolving needs of the labor movement.


Sarah Ryan ’92, Faculty Member, The Evergreen State College
John Stocks ’81, Former Executive Director of the National Education Association (NEA) 


Clark Gilman ’91, Mayor Pro-Tem of Olympia, WA 
Kim Carter Martinez ’99, Partner and Co-Founder at Wild Cat Consulting 
Evelyn Shapiro ’00, Former CEO of Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters 

Unlocking Minds: Empowering Change Through Liberatory Education

Gilda Sheppard Ph.D., LaKeisha Roselle ’20, Kimonti Carter

Attend this session of transformational empowerment as we delve into liberation education. This exhilarating workshop will be led by Dr. Gilda Sheppard, revered emerita faculty member of Evergreen-Tacoma, Kimonti Carter, chair of the Black Prisoner’s Caucus (BPC), and LaKeisha Hamilton ’20, BPC member and alumnus. With her wealth of experience as a sociologist, filmmaker, and decades-long advocate of prison education, Dr. Sheppard will illuminate the profound impact of knowledge as a beacon of liberation within prison walls. This session is a must for educators, activists, students, and anyone passionate about the power of education and its ability to break down barriers. You’ll be inspired by this session that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit and the liberatory potential of education. Let's come together to ignite change, one mind at a time. 

Session Highlights 

A cinematic experience: Featuring excerpts of "Since I Been Down," Dr. Sheppard will guide you through her award-winning documentary that unveils the extraordinary narrative of the T.E.A.C.H. (Taking Education and Creating History) program. You'll witness the inspiring saga of the program’s genesis, masterminded by the visionary former Black Prisoner’s Caucus (BPC) Chair, Kimonti Carter as well as current BPC member LaKeisha Hamilton ’20. You'll gain unique insights into the indomitable spirit of the Black Prisoners’ Caucus and the students embarking on a transformative educational odyssey within the walls of Clallam Bay Corrections Center. 

Igniting Liberation: Dig deeper and gain understanding about how education becomes a beacon of hope and liberation for incarcerated individuals.  

Be Part of the Change: Share your insights, ask questions, and exchange perspectives with Evergreen faculty, alumni, and those featured in the documentary. Together, we’ll explore avenues to support and amplify prison education initiatives, paving the way for meaningful change and a more just society. 


Gilda Sheppard Ph.D., Emerita Faculty, The Evergreen State College-Tacoma
LaKeisha Roselle ’20, Liberation Education Navigator, The Evergreen State College
Kimonti Carter, Founder of T.E.A.C.H. and former Black Prisoner’s Caucus Chair


James Jackson ’19, Student Success and Reentry Lead, The Evergreen State College
Eirik Steinhoff Ph.D., Faculty Member, Gateways for Incarcerated Youth, The Evergreen State College
Anthony Zaragoza Ph.D., Faculty Member, Gateways for Incarcerated Youth, The Evergreen State College
Sarah Ryan ’92, Faculty Member, The Evergreen State College

Design Time! Printmaking Workshop

Emily Adams

Unleash your creativity in this hands-on printmaking workshop, led by Evergreen Faculty member, Emily Adams, and current students who are passionate about the arts. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of creativity, innovation, and community. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your artistic skills, connect with your Greener Community, and take home a beautiful new artwork that's uniquely yours. 

Session Highlights 

Firsthand printmaking experience: You’ll learn the nuances of printmaking and use techniques to create your very own masterpiece. No experience required!  

Creativity and Community: Artistic discussions with facilitators, alumni and friends that go beyond the workshop, nurturing your creative passion. 

Your Own Screenprint: You'll take home the fruits of your labor and a reminder of your Greener pride.


Emily Adams, Printmaking Instructor, The Evergreen State College 

Values Proposition: Social Impact with Greener Businesses

Emily Pieper ’09, MPA ’18, Tamsin Foucrier Ph.D., Page Archer ’18, MPA ’23

In a world where the pursuit of profit often overshadows social and environmental responsibility, the question arises: Can a business truly succeed while also embodying its values and promoting social justice? Join us for a roundtable conversation where we tackle this very question. Guided by Emily Pieper ’09, MPA ’18, and Tamsin Foucrier Ph.D. and Page Archer ’18, MPA ’23 of Evergreen’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership & Transformational Change (CELTC), you’ll glean from the experience of alumni who have defied conventional business norms by integrating sustainable practices and ethical principles with purpose into their thriving enterprises.

Dig deeper into the role our values can play in business strategy, consumerism, and their influence on a more equitable, sustainable, and socially just world.  

Session Highlights 

Entreprenurial Prowess: Learn with innovative strategies and creative approaches used by our panelists and inspired by Evergreen’s values. From eco-friendly production methods to responsible sourcing, learn how these businesses have transformed their industries from the inside out. 

Advancing Inclusivity in the Marketplace: Gain insights into the tangible impact equitable and inclusive spaces can have on employees and customers, and how these efforts contribute to a more just society. 

Social Impact: Ideate with attendees how businesses can drive change and nurture thriving communities. 


Emily Pieper ’09, MPA ’18, Associate Dean of Holistic Advising and TRIO
Tamsin Foucrier Ph.D., Director of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership & Transformational Change (CELTC), The Evergreen State College
Page Archer ’18, MPA ’23, Assistant Director of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership & Transformational Change (CELTC), The Evergreen State College


Monique Ossa, Owner of Ossa Skinworks
Vincent Perez MPA ’18, Founder and Director of Equity Institute
Emily Wilder ’16, CEO of Salinity Seafood & More
Aaron Sauerhoff ’19, Founder and CEO of Earth Homes LLC 

s'gʷi gʷi ʔ altxʷ House of Welcome Workshop

Laura VerMeulen, Vanessa Marenco NPP ’20, Linda Terry NPP ’22

Step into a world of vibrant traditions and rich heritage as we invite you to an extraordinary experience at the s'gʷi gʷi ʔ altxʷ - House of Welcome Cultural Center. A groundbreaking achievement, this center stands as the very first Longhouse on a public campus in the United States, embodying a spirit of unity and cultural exchange that transcends boundaries. Guided by the House of Welcome Director, Laura VerMeulen, and Evergreen alumni Linda Terry NPP ’22 and Vanessa Marenco NPP ’20, you'll learn the art of crafting traditional drums. This workshop goes beyond creativity – it’s a connection to Northwest Indigenous knowledge, arts, and culture.  

Session Highlights  

Learn, Grow, Create, Reflect: This workshop is not just about creating a beautiful hand-crafted drum; it's an opportunity for personal growth and reflection. Engage with the teachings of the past and the creativity of the present as you construct your own drum, a symbol of harmony and connection.

A Drumbeat of Cherished Memories: Beyond your crafted drum, you take home cherished memories. The Greener community bonds you forge resonate as enduring as the beats of the drums, fostering belonging.

Enrich Your Journey: Amidst the stunning s'gʷi gʷi ʔ altxʷ backdrop, this workshop at the House of Welcome Cultural Center isn't just an event – it’s a contribution to unity and understanding. Become a part of the ongoing narrative of Northwest Indigenous culture.


Laura VerMeulen, Director of s'gʷi gʷi ʔ altxʷ House of Welcome
Vanessa Marenco NPP ’20, Assistant Director of s'gʷi gʷi ʔ altxʷ House of Welcome
Linda Terry NPP ’22, Program Coordinatior for s'gʷi gʷi ʔ altxʷ House of Welcome 

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