Return to Evergreen


Return to Evergreen

Return to Evergreen traditionally takes place in October.

Fiercely ambitious, Evergreen students’ eyes are open to the world as it is. That’s how they see all that needs to change. They come to Evergreen to learn how to create that change—just like you did.

Thank you for joining us in celebration of our astounding alumni community, honoring alumni successes, impact, and the spirit of life-long learning at Return to Evergreen 2023!

At Return to Evergreen 2023 we celebrated in Tacoma and Olympia. Enjoy our photo galleries to relive your Evergreen experience and celebration of our alumni community.

Return to Evergreen 2023 - Event Galleries

As part of the Forever Green campaign, we are bringing Greeners together like never before! It's been over fifty years since Evergreen's inception, and from then till now, students have sought more than just a conventional college experience. New generations are no different, and together, we can pave the way for the next generation of fiercely ambitious students, who will one day become alumni.   

Forever Green is a student-first campaign. Evergreen, in partnership with The Evergreen State College Foundation, is in its first comprehensive campaign to raise $55+ million dollars for student scholarships, research opportunities, and collaborative problem-solving. Your contribution makes a transformational difference and gives students opportunities for a better future. About Forever Green

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