Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

If you need to take some time away from Evergreen, or decide to leave permanently, you should download a Change of Status form, fill it out, and return it to Registration.  Please also consult the Withdrawal or Leave of Absence Check List.

If you apply for a Leave of Absence, you have up to one year to return to Evergreen without having to re-apply for admission.   Within that one-year period, you can simply go on-line, log in, and register as soon as your time ticket comes up for the next enrollment period.

Please continue reading your Evergreen e-mail while you are on leave!  You will want to be informed about any policy changes that might be enacted while you're gone. 

If you are gone longer than a year , your status will change to "withdrawn" and you will need to re-apply for admission.  Your on-line access will also lapse and will need to be re-activated.

Questions? Contact Registration and Records.