Community Service Work Study

What is Community Service Work Study?

The Center for Community-Based Learning and Action (CCBLA) and Evergreen's Student Employment Office work with local organizations to host Evergreen students.

Evergreen students use work study awards in grassroots, non-profit organizations. These placements expand student learning and participation in local social justice organizations and build the capacities of those organizations.

Connect Work With Your Studies! 

  • Community Service Work Study responds to community needs. Host sites address important social issues. 
  • Join us to build the capacity of community organizations.  Become part of an off campus team and learn from Greener grads. 
  • Focus on learning in the workplace. Reclaim the 'study' in work study. 

Why Participate?

  • Students  gain valuable skills and knowledge and earn their financial aid work study awards. 
  • Students support local community organizations while learning to build organizational capacity, expand communication skills and cultivate strong community-to-campus relationships.

Get Involved!

If you are a Washington State resident, and have financial aid, contact the CCBLA to check eligibility for Community Service Work Study. If you are interested, reach out to the Center for Community-Based Learning and Action to learn about this and other exciting opportunities.