Student Travel Fund for Conference Presentations

Funding is now available for spring quarter!

Are you a student traveling to present your academic work at a conference or professional meeting?

The Academic Deans office has a limited fund to help reimburse your expenses. Awards are up to $250 and students can be granted one award per academic year. 

Student applicants need to be:

  • Currently enrolled at Evergreen (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Presenting work tied to an academic program/course or ILC

Applications must include:

  • Name, contact information, and A#
  • A brief description of the conference or meeting and title of presentation
  • Place(s) and date(s) of travel
  • Benefit expected from participation in the conference or meeting
  • Brief letter of support from the faculty that sponsored the academic work
  • Cost of transportation, registration, and other expenses the award would be used for
  • Any other sources of funding being used to cover expenses

Funds can be used for:

  • Conference registration fees
  • Lodging
  • Evergreen van rental (if authorized)
  • Plane or train tickets

Funds can be not used for:

  • Food
  • Reimbursement for miles used traveling in a personal vehicle

Applications should be sent as a word or pdf document to Requests must be received at least two weeks before the travel date. 

The fund for these awards is limited and requests for funds will be denied once it is exhausted.