Student Travel Fund for Conference Presentations

The Academic Deans maintain a small fund to help support students traveling to professional meetings to present work that was done in an academic program or through a contract. Awards are typically in the $150-$200 range; an application will be denied if the budget has been exhausted for a given academic quarter and students can be granted one award per academic year. Student applicants should be currently enrolled at Evergreen. Requests for funding from the student travel budget should be sent to, attention Emmie Forman, the Program Coordinator supporting the dean responsible for administering this fund, Karen Gaul.

Requests must be received at least two weeks before the travel date and include:

a. Name.
b. A brief description of the conference or meeting and title of their presentation.
c. Place(s) and date(s) of travel
d. Benefit to the student expected from participation in the conference or meeting.
e. Brief letter of support from the faculty that sponsored the academic work.
f. Cost of transportation, registration and other expenses for which the student is requesting funding.
g. Any other sources of funding they may be using to cover their expenses.