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Come talk to us to get your benefits linked to Evergreen or to transfer your benefits from one school to another. We can help you find and complete the forms you need.

You may only receive veterans benefits for two quarters as an unadmitted special student (someone who has not yet gone through the formal admission process ). You must be admitted by the third quarter for us to be able to certify you with the Veterans Administration and keep your benefits.

Types of Benefits

Each of these benefits has different requirements and funding. You may apply online, but you might also want to come to the Veterans’ Resource Center to discuss your options. Every situation is unique.

Benefits for Active Duty and Retired Service Members

  • Chapter 30, Montgomery GI Bill® (MGIB) – Active Duty: applies to active duty service members or veterans who served from 1984 through 2008.
  • Chapter 31, Montgomery GI Bill® (MGIB) - Vocational Rehabilitation: for active duty service members and veterans with service-connected disabilities.
  • Chapter 32, The Veterans Educational Assistance Program: applies to veterans who served between 1977 and 1985.
  • Chapter 33, The Post-9/11 GI Bill®: applies to active duty service members or veterans who served after September 11, 2001. Includes a housing allowance and book stipend.
  • TA - Tuition Assistance: Active duty members, guard members and/or reservists who are using Tuition Assistance (TA) are required to provide an authorization letter from their unit's Commanding officer authorizing payment. Additionally, the student must provide evidence (i.e. memorandum or letter) from their Educational Services Officer that they have been counseled by their ESO on the use of TA.

Benefits for Reservists

  • Chapter 1606, Montgomery GI Bill® (MGIB) – Selected Reserve: applies to members of military branch reserve components, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard.
  • Chapter 1607, The Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP): available to all reservists who, after September 11, 2001, complete 90 days or more of active duty service "in support of contingency operations." This benefit provides reservists return from active duty with up to 80% of the active duty (Chapter 30) G.I. Bill benefits as long as they remain active participants in the reserves.

Benefits for Dependents

  • Chapter 35, The Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance Program (DEA): provides education and training opportunities to eligible dependents of veterans who are permanently and totally disabled due to a service-related condition, or who died while on active duty or as a result of a service-related condition.

See more about benefits for dependents.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website,

Quarterly Student Verification of Attendance (SVA)

If you are attending and receiving Chapter 33 MGIB benefits, you will need to complete one Student Verification of Attendance (Word) each quarter.

Submit your SVA to us no later than the end of the seventh week of each quarter. Please deliver to the Veterans Resource Center by email, fax or in person. 

We send Student Verification of Attendance email notifications during the fifth week of the quarter. Be sure to check your email.

Veterans receiving Chapter 30 MGIB benefits can use WAVE to submit monthly verifications instead of a Student Verification of Attendance form.

As always, if you need assistance, contact us.

Pausing or Re-Starting Your Benefits

If you take a leave of absence or are called to active duty, make sure you notify us or we have a copy of your orders before you leave and let us know when you return. The Evergreen State College follows the provisions of Chapter 3 of Volume 2 of the Federal Student Aid Handbook (Link) in the readmission of service members who have been called to duty. The student must contact the Admission Office of The Evergreen State College or the Veterans Resource Center of The Evergreen State College and notify them of their intent to return to school within three years after their completion of service. A student who is hospitalized or convalescing due to an illness or injury incurred or aggravated during the performance of service must notify the school within two years after the end of the period needed for recovery from the illness or injury. A student who fails to apply for readmission within these periods does not automatically forfeit eligibility for readmission and each case that falls out of these guidelines will be handled on a case by case basis.

Benefits Aren’t Enough? There’s Help!

Veteran’s benefits aren’t always enough to cover all your costs. You have options to pay for schooling.

Be sure to apply for Financial Aid and any scholarships you may qualify for.

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