Tours and Maps

Take a virtual tour of the campus, schedule a visit with a live tour guide, or visit on your own.

Virtual Campus Tour

Screenshot of the Evergreen campus virtual tour.

Take our Virtual Campus Tour to learn all about Evergreen in an interactive way.

Or visit Evergreen with Google Street View.

Student Carl Anderson gives a campus tour

Visit Campus

Arrange an on-campus tour to see our beautiful campus in person. Tour the campus, talk to students, and sit in on a class. Get to know what it's really like to be a Greener and imagine yourself living and learning here.

One of our student ambassadors will lead the way.

detailed campus map


Maps and Driving Directions

Get maps and easy-to-follow directions to reach Evergreen by car or public transportation. An hour south of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Evergreen and the state capital are a short, scenic drive from most Western Washington cities and major points of interest.


Get information about parking and rates. We have several on-campus parking lots that will get you close to the places you need to be. Parking is enforced Monday through Friday, 7 am – 9 pm.

Explore the Area

See all that Olympia and the surrounding area has to offer. There are many things to do and see both on-campus and beyond: a local music scene, recreation, trails, attractions… even a beach or two!


There are a number of hotels and motels near the college. Google has a map of nearby places for an overnight stay. You may also want to browse Yelp for reviews. Some places may offer discounts for Evergreen visitors, so be sure to ask!

The drive from downtown Olympia to Evergreen takes about 20 minutes.

See Evergreen from the Air

Our Olympia campus, and Olympia, Washington. 

Information for Commuters

If you’re coming to campus regularly, there are a number of benefits to alternative transportation: save money, reduce air pollution, traffic congestion, and energy consumption, and lower stress. Learn more about the benefits of commuting by bike, bus, carpool, and more.