Telecom Services

Automated Attendant/Voice Mail Services
Broadcast Messages
Conference Calls
Safety Phones
Housing Addresses

Automated Attendant/Voice Mail Service

To expedite call processing for the college, an automated attendant/voice mail system is in operation. To direct dial to a campus extension, dial the extension number anytime during or after the campus greeting message. Voice mail (VM) provides a 24-hour confidential message delivery service that can be accessed from on or off campus by using a touch tone phone. Each campus extension has access to the VM (6480) system. You may have your calls answered by VM in a combination of ways: (1) automatically after 2-6 rings, (2) automatically if line is busy, or (3) manually call forward your extension directly into VM by dialing # 1 5480. (To cancel call forwarding to VM, dial # 1, and hang up.) Dial ext. 6315 for more information.

Warning: To safeguard individual voice mailboxes, please remember to change your password from the default password.

Read detailed instructions for Evergreen's voicemail system.

Broadcast Messages

Campus-wide broadcast messages may be used if a critical announcement or an all-campus notification is required. They are processed on a low priority basis by the system (no specific time frame for full delivery is possible), thus are not effective for immediate, life-threatening situations (eg: building evacuation, fire, active shooter, etc.)  Broadcast messages create call huge processing delays, so they are limited to emergencies only. Call Abraham Guz at ext. 6182 for specific details.

Conference Calls

  • Conference calls with 5 or fewer off-campus participants and an unlimited number of on-campus participants can be placed using a multi-line phone by connecting each party with the "Conf" button. Refer to the Meridian Digital Telephone user guide for detailed instructions.
  • To place a conference call requiring more than five off-campus participants, the state operator will assist. Call ext. 6232 for an authorization number and billing information prior to calling the state operator at 902-3310 to make your reservation. Please note that a 24-hour minimum notice is required.
  • If you plan to place a conference call using a campus speaker phone, call Media Loan at ext. 6253 in advance to reserve the equipment. Call ext 6232 to have service extended to conference rooms or class rooms.

Safety Phones

Eleven safety phones have been installed at the following campus locations:

A dorm, B (2), C, & F parking lots, CAB Building, Communications Building, Geoduck Beach Property, Mod Housing Laundry & walkway, Seminar I Building, two locations in Seminar II, and Organic Farm. These phones are equipped with a push button and flashing blue strobe light that when activated directs your call to Police Services. Also, for your convenience, U.S. West has installed pay phones at most of the safety phone locations.

Safety Phones are Shown on the Campus Map.

Housing Addresses

For Housing apartment residents, insert the number plus the street name (Indian Pipe Loop NW) plus the building letter.

For example, the address for a resident in Building A would be as follows:

4315 Indian Pipe Loop NW, Bldg. A, Olympia, WA 98505-0003.

A - 4315     G - 4205     P - 4221
B - 4319     H - 4207     Q - 4219
C - 4323     I - 4231     R - 4217
D - 4327     J - 4229     S - 4215
E - 4201     K - 4227     T - 4211
F - 4203     N - 4223     U - 4209

Modular Housing residents use the following address:

3040 Wild Currant Loop NW + Mod #, Olympia, WA 98505-0003.