Style Guide

Evergreen has powerful stories to tell. These guidelines and tools help all of us explain the value of an Evergreen education to prospective students and the greater community.

Today, with so many messages, devices, and channels competing for attention, it’s essential to have tools and language to draw upon to effectively communicate Evergreen values and offerings. A strong visual identity and consistent expression about our distinction provide unifying elements that strengthen this communication. Drawn from our history and inspired by our community, these tools are adaptable for websites and social media channels. They help us position Evergreen for a strong future.

Brand guidelines and tools

It’s more critical than ever that all members of the Evergreen community have access to tools and language they can draw upon to accurately reflect our values and offerings. A strong visual identity and consistent expression of our distinction will provide the unifying elements necessary for a story that resonates.


Primary logo sample.


Our logo uses a silhouette of a Western red cedar, Mt. Rainier, the Puget Sound coastline and the sun to capture our special place and identity. Drawn from Evergreen’s history, and updated for digital applications, the mark is our window on the world.

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Evergreen brand names

Brand names

In addition to establishing its own visual identity, Evergreen must respect copyrights and trademarks used by other entities, as well as define and protect our own from potentially negative association and misuse. To that end, we have established brand name guidelines governing appropriate use and acceptable “nicknames.”

Color palette


Our core color palette is to be use across all communications and applications, including as background colors and body copy. Our secondary Greenery color palette draws from the natural beauty surrounding our campus. A third Vibrant palette reflects the energy and creativity of our people.

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Avenir and Chaparral typeface samples


We use a limited set of consistent, high quality typefaces in all of our outward-facing marketing materials to ensure that everything has a shared voice. You can give your own designs that “Evergreen look” by licensing the same typefaces, or by using freely available alternatives that are common on all desktop computers and mobile devices.

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A wireframe design for a page layout.

Page layouts and interfaces

If you’re creating content in one of Evergreen’s site sections, or if you’re developing full-blown apps, it’s important to create consistent designs across all of Evergreen’s websites and applications. Following the guidelines of the interface style guide will reduce confusion for the people who use our digital materials and maintain an easy-to-use experience.

Read the Page and Interface style guide.

Geoducks athletics styleguide

Geoducks style guide

Evergreen’s athletics program uses styles and designs that are suited to the fast-paced excitement of the world of sports.

The Geoducks Style Guide (PDF) sets the standards for Evergreen’s athletics brand and design products.