Risk Assessment Review Team (RART)

The Risk Assessment Review Team (RART) is responsible for reviewing events to be held on Evergreen's campus as required by college policy. Members of the team evaluate events to make sure that they will be safe and successful. Event planners should complete the online assessment a minimum of two weeks prior to their event. 

Factors That May Require Review

  • Larger numbers of attendees
  • Attendance by the public, especially children
  • Multiple locations on campus
  • Cash handling
  • Food serving
  • Complex equipment
  • Controversial content

Reviewing Your Event

If the team identifies risk factors, we'll ask for a review. A review is not intended to shut down your event! The team wants to make sure that you are aware of college policies and resources.

A review may be as simple as an email to get more information; you may also be required to attend a RART meeting and follow up with your implementation plans.

Who Is On The RART

The Risk Assessment Review Team includes faculty and student representation, along with members from the following administrative areas:

  • Student Activities
  • Campus Police
  • Conference Services
  • Residential and Dining
  • Purchasing