Event Scheduling

Find out how to schedule spaces for public events, classes, and student groups.

All in-person college-sponsored events are canceled until further notice. See more information about COVID-19-related operations.

Use Schedule Evergreen to add online-only public events to the Campus Calendar! Go to My Events and click New Event to get started. Make sure to include any relevant Zoom links or contact information.

View current class schedules

Find your offering in the Academic Catalog or Schedule Evergreen for class schedules and locations.

General public reservations

Contact Conference Services to reserve a space on campus.

Student space scheduling

Work with your faculty or student activities advisor to reserve a space for your academic program or registered student organization. (Find out how to plan a successful event for your student group.)

Some study rooms and similar spaces may be reserved directly. Go to Schedule Evergreen to get started.

Any other use follows the process for reservation by the general public.

Faculty and staff event scheduling

All spaces on campus are reserved through the Schedule Evergreen system on My Evergreen, with the exception of a few meeting rooms managed through specific offices. You can see what spaces are available, request a space, and publish your event. See the Schedule Evergreen manual for detailed information.

  • Events marked as public are added to the Campus Calendar on www.evergreen.edu and listed on Schedule Evergreen. The Campus Calendar is for events directly related to college business. We may edit your event information for clarity or grammar, or assign it to a more appropriate category or format. Public events may also be reviewed by the Risk Assessment Review Team.
  • Events that are open only to students, faculty, or staff are listed on Schedule Evergreen and can be seen only by people with a current Evergreen username and password.
  • Events may also be marked as private if you simply need to reserve the space and inform attendees individually.

Get the resources you need for a successful event, including food & drink, AV support, furniture, and more.

Non-college-related space scheduling follows the process for reservation by the general public.

When to request a space

Give at least a week's notice to make sure that you can get the space you need or make other arrangements.

For best results, plan ahead! You can make a request for a special event or other non-academic space at any time.

Academic spaces are available for non-curricular events once curricular space scheduling is complete for the year.

  • For requests during the academic year: May of the previous academic year
  • For requests during the summer: January of that calendar year

See the list of types of spaces for a list of academic, special event, and other spaces.