Curriculum Scheduling

Current Class Schedules

See the Academic Catalog or My Evergreen for class schedules and locations.

Faculty request spaces for their offerings using Schedule Evergreen. Your requests are due during the academic year before your offering takes place.

  • Olympia day and Graduate programs are due in February.
  • Evening and Weekend Studies (EWS) and Summer are due when you submit your curriculum.

See the Schedule Evergreen documentation for detailed information.

General Scheduling Priority

Priority for scheduling academic spaces during regular academic times follows this order:

  1. Credit generating academic programs and courses
  2. College related events and activities
  3. Non-college related events and activities

At other times or for nonacademic spaces, priority for scheduling is on a first come first served basis, depending on the nature of the activity and appropriate space, with college events taking first priority over non-college related events.

See the list of types of spaces to see what rooms are considered academic spaces.


Send us a comment about Schedule Evergreen to let us know how can we help.