Technology & Media Purchasing

Working with leadership from Computing and Communications and supported by the Technology Help staff, Purchasing is continuing to try to keep pace with changes in the technology industry while creating easy to use tools and rules to provide individuals and work groups with the goods and services that best fit the needs of their work while considering issues of support, security and long term business goals of the college.

It  Begins and Ends with a Request

Many policies influence computing technology at Evergreen including but not limited to state policies and internal college policies. (See below for an index of resources)

In an effort to consider the safety, security and support of your technology needs, the New Technology Request process captures the information needed by various area of campus to consider a request for technology. Successful completion of this request process will give you the information you need to submit with your purchase requisition, and get your purchase under way! Note that only purchase requisitions submitted with approval from the New Technology Request process will be considered.

Computers, Printers and Related Hardware

Working together C&C and Purchasing have worked to create a list of both standard computer models and printer models to make ordering easy and fast. 

Requesting a new or replacement computer or printer has never been easier. Simply submit a New Technology Request. Once your request has been approved, you will get easy to use information to submit your request to Purchasing.

Need something special or unique? Have a need for another type of device like scanners, wireless devices or more? No problem! The same New Technology Request process can be used to communicate your unique needs for review by appropriate college staff. Please note that non-standard requests may require more time and analysis to ensure support and security. Please allow extra time (up to two weeks) for non-standard requests to be reviewed.


Evergreen supports a large suite of supported software licenses. To request, simply submit your New Technology Request.

Don't see the software you want? Do your software needs function like a service or subscription? Like computers, the New Technology Request process can be used to submit your unique software request for review. Simply follow the steps in the form and appropriate staff will follow up with the necessary questions to ensure that both the request and campus needs are considered. 

Peripherals, Accessories​, Toner/Ink and More

Recent updates to the P-card program have made it easier to get supplies and small accessories for your computing needs. Items such as toner, keyboards, mice and more are easily available without further assistance.

Review the P-card Handbook for more details on what can be ordered without prior approval from Purchasing. Don't find the answer you need? Feel free to contact Purchasing and we will get you on the right track.

Media Technologies

Working with partners in Computing & Communications as well as Electronic Media, Purchasing continues to strive to find good opportunities and partnerships to meet media technology needs. Keep an eye on this space as more resources are developed. In the meantime, reach out to us here at Purchasing and we can work on helping you find the best way to meet your media technology needs.



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