Interim Vice Provost

Trevor Speller

Interim Vice Provost

The Interim Vice Provost works closely with the Provost, the Academic Deans, Area Managers, and budget coordinators from the other divisions to oversee curriculum, contracts and leaves, collective bargaining, and academic budget for the division. Trevor worked as a faculty member at Evergreen and served as a curriculum dean for 5 years before becoming Vice Provost in fall of 2020. Trevor is an excellent resource for faculty who are trying to find a way to do something that is new or infrequently done at Evergreen, or who have an idea for a project and are not certain where to begin.

Location: Library 3801

Tina Pearson

The Financial Support Services Manager for the academic division, but some of you may think of her as the miracle worker of the division. Tina manages a remarkably complex and voluminous array of budgets and transactions, including many aspects of payroll and purchasing, for the division, and always with a smile on her face. She is an excellent resource for faculty, particularly those doing research using grant provided funding. Any faculty member new to the college should make the time to meet Tina in person!

Location: Library 3821

Michelle Bartlett

Hailing from her location in the basement of Lab I, Michelle works as a Fiscal Specialist II for the Academic Budget Office. She supports the arts and sciences programs and related offices (lab stores, woodshop, metal shop, ceramics studio, printmaking studio, organic farm, CAL, galleries, and grants and awards) with all financial transactions and is the purchasing/contract expert for the Academic division. If you have a need for live toads, beef eyeballs or predatory mites, color crayons for your program Michelle is the person to contact.

Location: Lab I 057

Joseph Piper

As the Fiscal Specialist for the Academic Budget Office, Joseph oversees organization of student hiring for academic programs, service centers and other academic support programs and offices. Joseph also assists faculty who need to set up and expend student fees for program supplies and field trips and study abroad programs to grants and contracts. Joseph is an excellent resource for faculty who need assistance with any type of program financial transactions. Joseph always provides service with a smile.

Location: Library 3821