Timely Evaluations of Students' Work (archived December 2013)

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Every student at Evergreen has the right to receive a prompt and thorough evaluation of work completed. This is an essential element of the learning and, therefore, of the teaching process. Consequently, it is the responsibility of every member of the faculty to complete the evaluation of each student's work in a timely fashion at the end of an academic program, internship or individual learning contract. At the end of each quarter, students for whom evaluations are required are listed on the "action needed" form(s) supplied by registration and records. Available actions are: award of credit and submission of a narrative evaluation; award of No Credit (NCR); or in case the student’s work is unfinished, submittal of an Incomplete status form with a specified date of completion.

Procedures and Responsibilities

  1. No later than Week 8 of the quarter the program coordinator of team-taught programs completes a program list that they receive from Registration and Records to identify which faculty member will be writing each student’s evaluation. This will be submitted to the program coordinator’s Program Secretary. The Program Secretaries will submit these lists to Registration and Records where the information will be entered into Banner.
  2. Continuing Faculty must, within two weeks of the end of the evaluation week in which an action is needed, submit to their Program Secretaries one of the following for every student:
    1. a final and completed written evaluation of the student and appropriate program description for the student,
    2. a report of No Credit,
    3. a report of an Incomplete due to unfinished student work (see Section 7.625 of the Faculty Handbook).
  3. Adjunct Faculty teaching courses must submit completed evaluations to the Program Secretaries as early as possible, and no later than Friday of evaluation week.
  4. Visiting Faculty teaching in programs must submit completed evaluations to the Program Secretaries no later than the Friday of evaluation week in their last teaching quarter.
  5. An Incomplete may be submitted only if a student has failed to complete the work. When student work is incomplete, the faculty member (in conjunction with the student) will give a specific date of completion, using the incomplete form. The Incomplete form should be signed by the student. (See Section 7.625 for Policy and Procedures on reporting Incompletes). It shall be the faculty member's duty to perform the final evaluation within three academic quarters of filing the Incomplete form. After three quarters, if the evaluation has not been filed, the Incomplete will be converted to an NCR (No Credit) by the faculty member or the Academic Dean whose desk assignment is Late Evaluations.
  6. The faculty member shall be responsible for following up on and completing those evaluations dependent upon a third party (including field supervisors and subcontractors). If the faculty has a difficult time getting a response from the third party, he/she should notify the Program Secretaries and then take appropriate action in the best interests of the student for receiving a timely evaluation.
  7. The Program Secretaries will log evaluations, Incompletes and No Credits as they come in and prepare them by using the automated Evaluation Processing System. Program Secretaries will first process the priority cases including ‘rush’ and financial aid-related evaluations. They will also strictly follow the faculty-approved Evaluation Review Checkpoint Criteria, which delineate the responsibilities of faculty and Program Secretaries for reviewing and correcting evaluations.
  8. Registration and Records will post the credit and mail the student's copy of the evaluation to the student within three weeks of receipt from the Program Secretary. Priority will be given to mailing students their Incomplete notices.
  9. Faculty will have the opportunity to review the ‘faculty copy’ of the evaluation and contact his/her Program Secretaries to make any changes or updates needed within five working days of receiving the copy. If a transcript has already gone out, the only changes that will be accepted are those that change the student’s record of achievement, due to the fact that Registration and Records will need to retrieve the transcript from its recipient(s).

Late Evaluation Intervention Procedures

Faculty with late evaluations, excluding Incompletes with pending due dates and No-Credit awards, will be deemed out of good standing as per Section 6.000 of the Faculty Handbook, “Good Standing.” As such, they will be ineligible for professional leaves, professional travel, summer school teaching, sabbaticals, sponsored research, and other such perquisites. Good standing will be restored when the evaluations are submitted.

  1. 1. After two consecutive quarters of excessively late evaluations, i.e., evaluations of students are still due or submitted one quarter or more after the two-week deadline, affected faculty will be notified by the Dean via email and a posted letter that they are out of good standing and why.

    This letter would also accomplish the following:

    1. make a request for information about extenuating circumstances
    2. express the importance of more timely evaluations and the problems that result -- increased workload for staff and administrators; and for students, loss of financial aid; loss of employment; jeopardized admission to graduation school, etc.
    3. offer developmental and logistical support for submitting evaluations in an appropriately timely manner
    4. delineate the subsequent potential actions and faculty-approved sanctions outlined in this policy and Section 4.600 of the Faculty Handbook, “Mid-Contract Termination With Adequate Cause,” specifically, “flagrant neglect of one’s responsibility to submit student evaluations in a timely manner.”
  2. 2. If the situation or problem in item 1. above continues into a third consecutive quarter, or recurs at some future point, a second letter will be sent to the faculty that documents his or her response and action taken (or not taken) to this point to remedy the late evaluations. Copies will be designated for both the Deans’ Area files and the faculty portfolio; a copy will also be sent to the Provost, who will investigate and follow up as necessary or appropriate in compliance with Section 4.600 of the Faculty Handbook.