Telephone Communications

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Effective Date: April 24, 2019
Steward: Associate VP for Computing and Communications

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All telephone communications are administered by the office of general services. This includes processing requests for installation of new equipment, all billings, removal of equipment, changes of location, and reporting service problems. The college utilizes the service of a private branch telephone exchange system (PBX) owned by the college. Calls are received by the automated attendant system by dialing 866-6000 and are processed immediately if caller knows extension number. Campus operator assistance is available if needed by remaining on the line. If the off campus caller is on the SCAN system, the call can be directly dialed to the campus extension by first dialing 727 plus the extension. Outgoing calls on and off campus are handled directly without operator assistance.

Phone requests

Requests for telephone installations, adds, moves, and changes, must be submitted to the general services office. Call extension 6315 and follow up with a written request.


The general services office receives all telephone bills from the department of information services (SCAN) and U.S. West (trunks). The PBX provides monthly detail accounting by extension, person, and costs. The costs of long distance calls are recharged to the specific user through his or her unit. Equipment costs are recharged to nonfunded activities.

Reporting telephone trouble

All telephone problems should be reported directly to general services, extension 6315.

Long distance calls

(a) The college is charged for SCAN service on a per minute use basis. The rate is substantially reduced from the direct dial rate and is determined by the state of Washington department of information services.
(b) Monthly long distance detailed bills will be forwarded to unit heads. If personal calls are made, reimbursement plus ten dollars must be paid to the college cashier. Callers should also be aware that use of the state SCAN lines for personal use constitutes a violation of the State Ethics Statute. A copy of the cash receipt is forwarded to the account affected and to general services for post audit follow up.
(c) Long distance capability will be removed from telephones if there is evidence of continued use of college phones for personal business.
(d) Long distance is provided by the SCAN network. Dial 8 to access the system, then the area code and number. The cost per minute is determined by the distance of the zone from the state of Washington.

Personal calls

Personal long distance calls may be placed through a commercial long distance operator by dialing 8, then 0. The off- campus number or personal credit card number is to be given to the operator for billing purposes. Pay telephones are also located throughout the campus for personal use.

Collect calls

Collect calls will not be accepted by the campus operator without prior approval from general services.

Student residence phones

Telephone service for occupants of college housing is provided by U.S. West upon the request of the resident. All costs for service, including long distance charges, will be billed directly to the resident.


As a general policy, the college does not approve requests for service or equipment over and above the normal required service standard. Where possible, the following telephone equipment criteria will be followed:

(a) Single line and instrument;
(b) Multi line instruments for joint secretarial support for answering shared lines, and busy traffic areas;

Special equipment needs such as data lines and alarm circuits are all judged individually with all costs recharged to programs 100-300; Telephone wires will be run inside walls and installed in conduit. SCAN credit cards. Long distance dialing from off campus can be charged to accounts through the use of SCAN credit cards. Cards and information may be obtained through general services, extension 6315.

Emergency communication center

A twenty-four hour emergency communications center is located in seminar 2150 next to security. This center assists incoming calls to the college, monitors all emergency alarm systems, and provides dispatch service for security. For emergency business and building maintenance assistance after 5:00 p.m., please call extension 6140. Voice messages. Another feature of the phones is an electronic voice mail system that allows individuals an opportunity to communicate with people on and off campus. By using the telephone key pad and receiver, one can listen to, record, edit, and send messages. Messages and announcements may be received and changed from off campus. Messages may be left on the voice mail system twenty-four hours each day. For more information call extension 6315.