Smoking (archived June 2011)

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The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe, healthy and productive environment for the campus community. It has been medically documented that tobacco smoke can affect the health of smokers and non-smokers, interferes with productivity and results in long term maintenance costs of facilities, including equipment.


Smoking is prohibited on campus and in vehicles owned by the college. The only exceptions are areas with signage set aside for smoking, designated smoking rooms in housing, areas outside of the central core and outside of housing. For areas outside of the central core and housing, smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of a building opening, windows that open or ventilation intakes.


Designated smoking areas will be established and maintained in exterior covered areas of the college. These areas will be equipped with benches, wastebaskets and smoking receptacles. These areas will be located away from the traffic patterns and away from building entrances so that they do not create congestion or allow smoke to enter the buildings. Signs will be posted to clearly identify designated smoking areas.

Buildings and vehicles will be clearly marked to indicate that smoking is not permitted.

The college will provide appropriate assistance to employees who request help to stop smoking. This shall include making them aware of smoking cessation programs and where necessary providing funding to assist in the financing of smoking cessation classes.

The college President may temporarily prohibit smoking on campus in periods of extreme fire hazard and drought.

Every member of the Evergreen community is expected to be sensitive to this policy and abide by it. It is expected that this policy will be peer enforced and that the campus community will tactfully and gracefully remind people to smoke in designated areas only.


"Smoking" as used in this policy, refers to the inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying of any lighted smoking equipment including cigarettes, cigars or pipes.

"Central core" is the area encompassing Lab I, Lab Annex, Lab II, Longhouse, Seminar I, Library, CAB, CRC, CUP, Child Care Center, Communication, Seminar II, Bus Loop, Red Square and sidewalks/walkways between these buildings, inclusive.

See also WAC 296-800-240 Environmental tobacco smoke in office work environments , RCW 70.160 , Executive Order 88-06