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The Board of Trustees invites public comment at each of its meetings, as required by RCW 28B.40.110. The Board will designate a time for public comment on each meeting agenda. The public comment period provides the Trustees with an opportunity to receive information from the public and generally does not involve active interaction between the Trustees and the public. The Board takes under advisement all comments received and may take up topics introduced through public comment as part of future agendas.


  • Time on the Agenda:
    • The Chair will manage the Board’s agenda to ensure that at least 15 minutes are available for public comment at each meeting.  Time permitting, the Board Chair may extend the time for public comment.
    • Every effort will be made to ensure that the public comment period occurs at or near the time listed on the published agenda.
  • Sign-in.
    • Those wishing to participate in the public comment session must sign-in in advance.
    • For regular meetings, web-based sign-in is available one week prior to the meeting at and remains available until 24 hours before the start of the meeting.
    • On the day of the meeting, a sign-in sheet will be available in the meeting room.
    • The Chair will call on people in the order in which they signed in.
    • Signing-in does not guarantee an opportunity to make public comment. More people may be signed in than can comment in the time available.
  • Time limits.
    • To maximize the number of people who can be heard, each speaker will be allowed up to two minutes to speak. It is within the discretion of the Board Chair to adjust the time limit for individual comments.
  • Topics.
    • The Board encourages comment on matters pending before the Board.
    • The Board may decline to hear comments on pending quasi-judicial matters when hearing such comment might constitute ex parte communications.
  • Comments in writing
    • The Board welcomes written comments in addition to or in lieu of spoken comments.  Written comments delivered to the Secretary to the Board at the meeting will be distributed to Trustees following the meeting.