Presidential Evaluation - 1991

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Effective Date: September 24, 1991
  1. The President's performance will be evaluated annually by the Board of Trustees. The President and the Board of Trustees will discuss and agree upon the President's performance objectives. The evaluation shall solicit and consider ideas and information from within and without the college campuses. The President will be judged by the performance of the college as a whole.
  2. The Board expects from the President the following general traits:
    • Honesty
    • Succinct oral communication
    • Approachability and accessibility
    and the following abilities and commitments:
    • Ability to manage conflict
    • Commitment to solicit opinions from Board members and the college community
    • Ability to sustain positive legislative relations
    • Commitment to professional development that will enhance the college community
    • Ability to promote an atmosphere of trust
    • Commitment to collaborative interdisciplinary learning
    • Commitment to multiculturalism
    • Commitment to affirmative action
    • Commitment to diversity of thought
  3. The President shall be responsible for providing to the Board a "State of the College" message on an annual basis.