Policy and Procedure on Reporting Incompletes (archived December 2013)

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Reports of incomplete work will be made on the special form provided by the office of registration and records and available from the program secretaries, indicating the reason for the incomplete. An incomplete is recorded whenever, for reasons the faculty sponsor deems satisfactory, the student has not completed the required work but could complete it given some additional time or whenever delays in reporting have occurred. At the evaluation conference, the faculty should make clear to the student the work to be completed, and a timetable for completion. The incomplete form will indicate the expected date of completion as well as a date, three academic quarters (including summer quarter) when the incomplete will automatically convert to a NCR if the student work is not complete. Faculty may not award incompletes for unfinished faculty work.

1. Faculty must sign the incomplete agreement. Students should sign, but this will not be required when conditions make it impossible for the faculty member to obtain the student's signature. The form is to be filed with the program secretary no later than two weeks after the end of evaluation week of the quarter in which the work was due.

2. The maximum deadline for completion of the incomplete work is the end of the third quarter following the filing of the incomplete. In the case of work left incomplete in the spring quarter the deadline for completion is the end of the next winter quarter. Of course, student and faculty can agree to a shorter deadline, but not to a longer deadline. At the end of the maximum deadline, any unresolved incomplete will automatically convert to a NCR.

3. Exceptions to the automatic conversion to NCR can only be obtained by faculty petition and approval by the deans.

Giving incompletes to students on financial aid may jeopardize their financial aid.