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The Motor Pool was created to provide authorized faculty, staff and students traveling on official college business with convenient access to safe, clean and comfortable vehicles at economical rates. This is accomplished by maintaining a pool of college owned vehicles and supplementing it, as needed, with vehicles from the Washington State Motor Pool and private sources.

Organization, location, services and hours
The Motor Pool Office is located in the Maintenance Yard at 3540 Driftwood Road NW. The Motor Pool is staffed by a Motor Pool Coordinator and a Mechanic and is operated under the Office of Facilities Services, which reports to the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Office hours are 8 AM - Noon and 1 PM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. A Mechanic is available from 6 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Motor Pool vehicles are parked adjacent to the Motor Pool garage (located in the Maintenance yard). Client parking is available for drivers of Motor Pool vehicles.

At the Motor Pool office, you can make reservations, checkout/check-in vehicles, obtain your Evergreen Use Permit, pickup a gas credit card or a State Motor Pool authorization card. Reservations and inquiries can also be made over the phone or by email.

Authorized Drivers

  • Evergreen staff, students and faculty
  • Employees of state, federal, county and municipal government organizations.
  • Volunteers who have been authorized by the appropriate college employee.

Driver Requirements
All drivers of Motor Pool vehicles must possess a valid U.S. driver's license, be at least 18 years old and have a minimum of 2 years driving experience.

Drivers must have a driving record that does not include any of the following offences within the last three years:

  1. Suspension/revocation of license for reckless driving, hit and run, leaving an accident scene, failure to appear, DUI, or other vehicle-related felony
  2. Multiple traffic offenses (4 moving violations/infractions in 12 months or 5 moving violations/infractions in 24 months) resulting in a Conditional Status driving record or subsequent suspension/revocation of license
  3. 6 or more moving violations within a 12-month period resulting in license suspension.

Drivers of Motor Pool vehicles must have an Evergreen Use Permit and must be listed on a travel authority for any trips outside the local Olympia/Tumwater/Lacey area.

Drivers of 12 or 15-passenger vans and large cargo vans, delivery vehicles and other trucks/pickups must also successfully complete a driver training course.

Authorized uses of Evergreen vehicles
The use of Evergreen's vehicles is restricted to official state business as defined in WAC 82-36. Use of the vehicle must be in support of the business and/or academic functions of the state or college. Vehicles cannot be used:

  • For commuting, personal trips or errands;
  • To transport passengers, such as hitchhikers, family or friends, who are not on official college business;
  • For 'side' trips, i.e. use of the vehicle to visit friends while attending a conference.

A travel authority form must be completed and filed with the Travel Office for all trips. Blanket travel authorities may be authorized for routine, recurring travel within the state of Washington, Portland, OR, or Vancouver, BC.

A trip justification is required for travel out of the country. Travel to British Columbia does not need a trip justification.

Driver Responsibilities
Drivers of college vehicles represent the college community to the general public. Drivers are expected to drive defensively, be courteous and obey all traffic laws. In addition, drivers are responsible for:

  • Restricting passengers to employees, students of the college or other people being transported on official college business.
  • Ensuring all passengers, including the driver, use seat belts.
  • Not allowing smoking or alcohol consumption in the vehicles.
  • Locking the vehicle when not in use.
  • Paying any traffic or parking fine resulting from driver negligence.
  • Checking oil and water levels regularly when on overnight trips.
  • Reporting all accidents and damage to the vehicle to the Motor Pool office.
  • Completing all required accident reports and turning them in to the Motor Pool office.
  • Returning vehicles to the appropriate location on time and in a clean and presentable condition.
  • Notifying the Motor Pool office if the vehicle cannot be returned on time.

Motor Pool Responsibilities

  • Reserving and scheduling TESC Motor Pool vehicles
  • Locating and reserving vehicles for special needs or to supplement the TESC fleet through the State Motor Pool or off campus rental agencies when necessary.
  • Issuing TESC vehicle use permits to operators and maintaining use permit records.
  • Revoking TESC use permits of drivers who abuse a vehicle or violate other policies contained herein.
  • Maintaining vehicles so that they are safe, clean and comfortable to operate.

Vehicle Operation Standards

  • One authorized driver for every 400 miles traveled. For example, a trip of 600 miles would require that you have two authorized drivers on board the vehicle.
  • Maximum driving time for any one driver is 8 hours in a 24-hour period.
  • Drivers should take at least a 10-minute break every 2 hours.
  • College vehicles should not be operated between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. except when
    • the trip is solely to return to a home base and
    • the return trip is less than 4 hours in duration.
  • A navigator should be assigned for long trips. The navigator must stay awake while on duty. The entire navigator/driver team should be replaced at least every 4 hours.
  • No items should be placed on the roof of 15 passenger vans.
  • Do not overload 15 passenger vans with passengers and equipment. Weight should be distributed toward the front of the 15-passenger van as much as possible.
  • The hauling of trailers is prohibited unless special permission has been obtained. Anyone driving a van and trailer combination must be pre-approved by the motor pool office.

Vehicle Insurance

The college does not carry comprehensive or collision insurance on Motor Pool vehicles. Liability coverage is provided by our participation in the Washington State Self Insurance Program. This program will pay for damages to the other driver's property or injuries sustained in an accident when the driver of the college's vehicle is at fault while operating the vehicle in good faith on official college or state business.

In the event of an accident, the budgetary unit, i.e. Academics, Athletics, First People's, Computing and Communication, Advising, etc. that rented the vehicle will be responsible for the costs of the repair unless the damage is due to normal wear and tear or is covered by another vehicle's insurance.

Driver liability: If an accident occurs due to the gross negligence of the driver, i.e. driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving, etc. or if the vehicle was not being used for "official college or state business", the State may elect not to defend the driver in the event a lawsuit is filed. The driver would then be responsible for providing his/her own defense.

The State may also choose to subrogate part or the entire claim to the driver or actually file suit against the driver to recover damages if there is evidence of gross negligence or unofficial use.

Drivers are not required to carry personal liability insurance but, because of the limitations of the State's Self Insurance program, are urged to contact their personal insurance carrier to ensure they are covered while driving college vehicles.

How do I get an Evergreen Use Permit?
All drivers of Motor Pool vehicles must have a current Evergreen Use Permit on file with the Motor Pool office. Use permits must be renewed every two years.

To obtain a permit, drivers must

  • Present a valid driver's license to the Motor Pool Coordinator and sign a form indicating that they have a minimum of 2 years driving experience and meet Evergreens' driver requirements listed above under the Driver Requirement section.
  • Demonstrate they understand TESC Motor Pool Policies by passing a quiz.
  • Read and sign Evergreen's Valid License to Drive and Driving Experience Statement. If the driver will be driving a 12- or 15-passenger van, they must also sign the State of Washington's Safe Driving Practices Acknowledgement Statement. (State requirement)
  • If the driver will be driving a 12 or 15-passenger van, they must successfully complete or show that they have completed a 15-passenger van driving course.
  • If the driver will be driving a large cargo van, truck or delivery van, they must show that they have completed a driver training program or view the "Trucks, Vans and other Delivery Vehicle" video.

How do I Reserve a Van?
Call the Motor Pool office at extension 6354 or send an email to the Motor Pool Coordinator to make reservations for vehicles. The Coordinator can also make reservations for you at the State Motor Pool in Lacey or at private car rental organizations. A confirmation notice will be e-mailed to the requesting unit.

Requests for vehicles made by students must be confirmed with the appropriate faculty before the vehicle is reserved. The Student Activities office must approve all vehicle requests for student groups. Requests by the Wilderness Center and Outdoor Pursuits must be confirmed with the Athletics office.

A cancellation fee of $25 will be assessed for reservations canceled less than 24 hours in advance.

How do I Check-out a Van?
College vehicles are parked adjacent to the Motor Pool garage in the Maintenance Yard off Driftwood Road. When it is time to pick up your vehicle be sure that:

  • You have a valid driver's license
  • You have a current use permit
  • The Motor Pool has a record of the travel authority form for the trip. Program Secretaries normally take care of preparing the TA for academic field trips.

The Motor Pool Coordinator will prepare a trip ticket for the vehicle and give you the keys, a Voyager credit card that can be used for fuel and repairs, a Maintenance Yard gate key so you can pickup or return the vehicle after hours and a copy of the trip ticket.

Inspect the vehicle for any damage and check the beginning odometer reading. If there is damage, notify the Motor Pool Coordinator or note it on the trip ticket.

If you need to leave when the office is not open, you must make arrangements to pick up the keys the day(s) before.

Note: If the vehicle is not available or will not start and the Motor Pool office is closed, contact Police Services by dialing "0" on the telephone across from the gas pumps on the side of the Motor Pool garage. Police Services will contact a Motor Pool staff member who can help you.

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. The Motor Pool office is closed at noon and on the weekends and college holidays.

How Do I Return a Van?

  • Park the vehicle in the vehicle return area next to the gas pumps.
  • Enter the return date and ending odometer reading on the Trip Ticket.
  • Note any problems with the vehicle on the Trip Ticket under the 'Remarks' area.
  • Make sure all garbage, debris and personal belongings have been removed.
  • Turn off the lights, close and lock all windows and doors.
  • Place the keys, gasoline credit card, gas receipts and your copy of the Trip Ticket in the drop box in the door of the Shop's building that leads to the Motor Pool office.
  • If you are returning a vehicle after hours, make sure the Maintenance Yard gate is locked upon leaving.

TESC vehicles do not need to be refueled before returning. State Motor Pool and private rental agency vehicles do need to be refueled before returning them to the appropriate location.

How do I Buy Fuel or get Repairs?

The Voyager credit card issued with each vehicle can be used to purchase:

  • Gas/Oil. All TESC gasoline driven vehicles use standard, unleaded fuel. Premium fuel is not authorized. Use the self-service pumps unless you have a physical disability that prevents you from doing so.
  • Minor repairs (i.e. estimated to cost less than $300.00)
  • Emergency purchases of tires and batteries
  • Roadside assistance via NAC Fleet Rescue. Note: if the vehicle is still under warranty, i.e. less than 36,000 miles see the owner's manual for manufacturer provided roadside assistance.

For breakdowns or major repairs, take or have the vehicle towed to the nearest qualified automotive facility. If the repairs will be more than $300, it is impossible to continue the trip, or the driver does not have the means to pay for the repairs, call the Motor Pool office at (360) 867-6354. If the office is closed, contact Police Services at (360) 867-6000. Information as to the disposition of the vehicle and the means for continuation of the trip will be provided. The Motor Pool office can also make arrangements for the payment of any charges.

Do not use the Voyager credit card for the following:

  • Fuel for private vehicles
  • Parking fees, ferry and bridge tolls. These tolls can be reimbursed via travel expense vouchers.
  • Putting on or taking off chains.
  • Food or other supplies.

The Motor Pool will reimburse the traveler for repair or fuel costs paid by cash, check, or personal credit card. An original receipt must be submitted.

What do I do if I have an Accident?
An accident is any damage to person or property. All accidents must be reported to the Motor Pool even if no other vehicles are involved.

  • When conditions and/or regulations permit, move to the shoulder or side of the roadway to prevent further damage.
  • Contact the local authorities and request an accident investigation if there is more than $700 damage to a vehicle or if anyone is injured. If you are not sure who to call, call "911" and they will send the appropriate authority.
  • Notify TESC Police Services at (360) 867-6000 if anyone is injured or if there is major damage involved.
  • Use the Vehicle Accident Checklist (in the Accident package located in the glove compartment) to write down necessary information such as the names and addresses of witnesses, vehicle information and the other driver's insurance data.
  • Do not give statements or discuss the details of the accident with anyone other than police or college authorities.
  • Complete the State Accident Report form (SF-137) found in the accident package in the vehicle) and submit to the Motor Pool office within 48 hours of your return. Note that this form requires the signature of the responsible faculty member or supervisor.

What are Departmental Vehicle Policies?
Some college departments have purchased vehicles for their departmental use. The drivers of these vehicles as well as the use of these vehicles are subject to current Motor Pool regulations.

The Motor Pool garage is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all college vehicles. All vehicles will be inspected and serviced every 3,000 miles or 180 days, whichever comes first. Vehicles must meet the State emission standards. The Motor Pool has the right to remove from service any vehicle that it deems unsafe for use.

Drivers of departmental vehicles are responsible for entering the odometer readings when refueling vehicles at the TESC Motor Pool fuel pumps. Cards for refueling at the Motor Pool may be issued to individual drivers or to campus departments. Voyager gas cards used for refueling off campus are issued to individual vehicles.