Marketing Credit/Debit Cards on Campus

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The Evergreen State College advocates fair campus credit card marketing principles. The Evergreen State College complies with RCW 28B.10.618.

This policy applies to

Any financial institution wishing to market credit and/or debit cards on campus.


1. Evergreen prohibits the marketing of credit/debit cards on campus.

Except when specifically invited by college administration to provide banking information and services for new students during Orientation Week. Invited Financial Institutions must adhere to the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act of 2009 (Credit Card Act.)

2. Evergreen prohibits the use of material inducements in marketing credit/debit cards on campus.

3. Posters, flyers and advertisements for credit/debit cards will be removed, subject to the College’s posting policy.

4. Evergreen does not sell or otherwise provide student or employee information to issuers of credit/debit cards for purposes of soliciting credit card applications.

5. Credit/debit card issuers and vendors are prohibited from paying student groups, employees, or campus departments for completed credit/debit card applications.

6. Credit/debit card marketers must inform students about good credit management practices.

7. Credit/debit card marketers must make the official credit and/or debit card marketing policy available to all students upon their request.


Financial Institutions: Financial institutions include banks, credit unions, savings and loans, or any business that can issue credit/debit cards.

See Also

RCW 28B.10.618