Greenhouse Gas Reduction

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The College recognizes its responsibility to meet or beat the greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals established for state agencies in RCW 70A.45.050, which directs all agencies to:

Reduce Scope 1 (on-site combustion fuels and refrigerants) and Scope 2 (purchased electrical and thermal energies) related greenhouse gas emissions below the College’s 2005 baseline as scheduled to:

  • 15% below 2005 level by 2020
  • 45% below 2005 by 2030
  • 75% below 2005 by 2040
  • 95% below 2005 by 2050 and achieve net zero using offset and/or carbon capture mechanisms approved by the WA Dept of Ecology.

The College will include these goals as minimum criteria in all of its planning and investment decisions and operational practices for college-owned infrastructure and vehicles, to include:

  • On-site electrical and thermal energy generation and fuel(s) combustion
  • Electrical, thermal, and motive energy systems in buildings and vehicles
  • Electrical and thermal energy and motive fuel purchase agreements
  • Refrigerant selection and management
  • All other Scope 1 and 2 related GHG emissions {Scopes 1 & 2 as defined by the GHG Protocol}