Furniture Purchasing

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To ensure that furniture, both new and used, purchased with any college funds meets the needs of the college including quality of construction, warranty compliance, ability to repair and availability of parts.

Applies to

This policy applies to all new and used movable furniture including desks, tables, seating, bookshelves, file cabinets and systems furniture (furniture that may be attached to walls or dividers).


  • Furniture purchased with personal funds for use in office spaces. Furniture purchased with personal funds will not be repaired or replaced by the college and must be removed when vacating the space.
  • Furniture rented for events
  • Special application furniture such as theater props, lockers, or other items with unique functionality.


The requests for new and used movable furniture and/or systems furniture must be coordinated, reviewed and approved by the Manager of Space Planning or the Director of Facilities prior to a purchase requisition being submitted. All furniture purchases ordered on a purchase requisition (account codes 72709 and 73109) will be automatically routed to the Manager of Space Planning for approval. If purchased using a P-card, the person placing the order must have written approval from the Manager of Space Planning and a copy placed in their P-card file.

The College is required to make some furniture purchases from Correctional Industries. The Manager of Space Planning will ensure that the College meets these requirements in coordination with the Manager of Purchasing and Contracts.