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Previous Version Community Representatives to the Board of Trustees (Resolution 2007-10)


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Be it Resolved: The Board of Trustees values regular communication with the College's constituents. To promote this communication the Board of Trustees will invite Community Representatives from three constituent groups to participate at the Board of Trustees regular open public meetings: a faculty representative, to be chosen by the Faculty Agenda Committee; a staff representative to be chosen by the staff through a process determined by the President; and a student representative to be chosen by the student government. Community Representatives will serve one-year terms, from Fall Quarter through Spring Quarter, and may be re-appointed.

The Board asks that Community Representatives be in touch with the constituency they represent so that they serve as a line of communication to the Board and report back to constituents about governance of the college. Community Representatives may not vote on questions before the Board, but they may be invited by the Chair to take part in discussions. The Chair or members of the Board may ask Community Representatives to express their opinions on issues or to reflect on the effect that Board actions have on the representatives' constituencies.

At each Regular meeting, the President or Board Chair will invite each Community Representative to make a brief oral report of approximately five minutes. In addition, Community Representatives may submit a brief written report at least one week prior to regular meetings to be included in material provided to the Trustees in advance of the meeting. Representative written reports received less than one week prior to the regular meeting will be shared with the Board following the respective meeting.