Cellular Device Policy

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Steward Associate Vice President for Information Technology

Approval Authority President and Vice Presidents

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To ensure responsible management of wireless communication devices/plans.

This policy applies to

All positions that require the use of wireless voice/data devices that use a cellular connection.

Vice President for Finance and Administration Oversees Administration of Policy

The Vice President for Finance and Administration, in consultation with the Director of Computing and Communications, has overall responsibility for the oversight of the policy and procedures. The daily implementation of the policy and related procedures is delegated to the Director of Computing and Communications or their designee.

Supervisors Determine Wireless Communication Needs

When official business cannot be accommodated by the use of a landline telephone, pager, or other communication device, a supervisor may determine, as resources allow, that a wireless device is essential for a valid business need such as to improve customer service, enhance business efficiency, or provide safety and/or security. Supervisors may approve employees to download or install sensitive information onto the mobile devices.

Department Shared Cellular Devices May Be Issued

Upon completion of a Wireless Communications Services Agreement, departments may purchase wireless devices and service plans for departmental use when operational needs do not necessitate a device be assigned full time to an individual employee. However, shared cellular devices must be assigned to a single individual, i.e., the department supervisor. Such devices are College property and the department is responsible for the cost and complying with contract obligations of service plans. Use of all d epartment wireless devices is restricted to College business use only, including security and safety situations.

Employee Responsibilities

Employees who use a College-issued wireless device to conduct College business are covered by all policies and laws that would apply to the activity. This may include, but is not limited to, public records laws, College Ethics Policy, and laws and policies governing the confidentiality of patient, employee or student information.

Employees are expected to configure voice/data mobile devices (not voice only devices) that are used to conduct College business in such a way that protects College information. This includes password protection on the device and allowing the device to be remotely wiped by the College.

Employees are not permitted to download or install any sensitive information onto the mobile devices unless they have approval from their supervisor. Sensitive data includes but is not limited to social security numbers, information covered under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), patient information, employee information or any other personally identifiable information. If sensitive data is downloaded onto a mobile devise, it should be removed as soon as there is no longer a business need.

Employees are responsible for the security and maintenance of college issued devices. If a device is lost or destroyed through the employee’s misconduct, the supervisor may require the employee to replace it at the employee’s expense. Employees must notify their supervisors, as soon as possible but no longer than three calendar days, of significant damage to, loss or theft of the device.

The College reserves the right to monitor the use of all college issued wireless devices used for College business purposes. The devices may not be used to defame, harass, intimidate, or threaten any other person. Employees are prohibited from using wireless devices in an inappropriate, illegal, illicit or offensive manner. As with any misuse of public resources and/or failure to comply with college policy, employees may be subject disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Use of Personally Owned Device

If an employee chooses to us a personal voice/data mobile device for College business and the College determines that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of College information is at risk as a result of that use, the employee shall be required to provide the College unrestricted access to the device and access to the device's data repositories and any content on the device that is related to the College. The College reserves the right to remotely wipe data from any device connected to the College infrastructure. The College may require an employee to remove any College-related business information from a personally owned or managed data repository. The use of a personally owned voice/data mobile device that is used for College business is subject to the College’s “Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources”

Employees will not be reimbursed for the use of personally owned voice/data mobile devices.

Evergreen recommends that employees does not use personally owned mobile data devices for college business.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Supervisors must implement internal review procedures to ensure appropriate use of department issued wireless devices including auditable documentation.

Supervisors will review wireless device needs at least annually in order to determine whether individually assigned or department-assigned devices should be maintained, changed, or discontinued.

Supervisors are required to retain records for College-owned wireless devices in conformance with the College Records Retention Schedule.

A completed Wireless Communications Services Agreement is required prior to the issuance of a voice/data device.

Selection of Voice/Data Devices/Plans

The Director of Computing and Communications or their designee is responsible for establishing what voice/data devices and service plans are available to the employees.

Approval Process

If a supervisor determines that an employee is required to carry a wireless device, the employee will complete a Wireless Communications Service Agreement form in consultation with the Assistant to the Director of Computing and Communications. The employee’s supervisor will approve the request and forward it to their Dean/Director for approval. The Dean/Director will then forward the agreement to the Director of Computing and Communications for final approval. All determinations are to be based only on job function(s) and departmental need and should include an appropriate number of plan minutes, long distance calling options, data plans, and other features necessary only to fulfill the job responsibilities.