Developing and Approving College Policies

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Steward College Policy Coordinator

Approval Authority Executive Leadership Team

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Decision making at The Evergreen State College (Evergreen) should be locatable and accountable. This policy describes how college policies are developed, approved, and published.

This policy applies to:

  • Any college-wide policy (i.e. any policy that applies to more than one division of the college).
  • Any policy that applies to students or the general public.
  • Any policy which, for reasons other than the above, requires the approval of the President and Executive Leadership Team.
  • Except that this policy does not apply to policies that are solely the prerogative of the faculty or the Board of Trustees.
  1. Evergreen’s President and Executive Leadership Team authorize College policies.

The President and Executive Leadership Team:

  • Review and approve policies at Executive Team Meetings or via electronic distribution.
  • Assign a steward for each policy.
  1. Policy Stewards are responsible for developing and maintaining the policies assigned to them.
  • In developing or revising a policy, the Policy Steward consults with those affected by the policy.
  • The Policy Steward initiates revisions of policies as needed.
  1. When a policy is adopted or revised, Policy Stewards inform those affected.

Policy Stewards:

  • Announce the creation or revision of policies assigned to them.
  • Arrange training on new or revised policies as needed.
  1. The College Policy Coordinator facilitates the policy development and approval process

The College Policy Coordinator:

  • Maintains a standard format for college policies.
  • Provides advice and assistance to Policy Stewards.
  • Maintains a list of policies under development or revision.
  • Keeps the President and Executive Leadership Team apprised of policies under development or revision.
  • Submits policy revisions for approval to the President and Executive Leadership Team.
  • Facilitates an annual meeting of Policy Stewards to gather information about policies scheduled for revision and disseminate information about policy development.
  • Maintains a Distribution List of Policy Stewards for dissemination of information and periodic inquiries related to ongoing policy work.
  • Posts approved policies on Evergreen’s website.


5. The President may adopt interim policies on a temporary basis.