Interim Voluntary Temporary Layoff or FTE Reduction

Effective Date
Associate VP for Human Resource Services
Senior Leadership Group

Policy Statement

In accordance with the End of Appointment for Exempt Non-Faculty Staff policy, the President, reporting Vice President and/or designee, in consultation with the Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services and/or designee, will consider and may authorize temporary voluntary layoffs/furloughs or reduction in FTE. 

An exempt, non-represented employee may request a temporary voluntary layoff/furlough or reduction in FTE to reduce the impacts of a reduction in force. If it is necessary to limit the number of exempt, non-represented staff who are on unpaid leave at the same time, the President, reporting Vice President, or designee, will determine who will be granted a voluntary layoff/furlough or reduction in FTE based upon business and staffing needs.

Applies to:

This policy applies to non-represented exempt staff.


  1. Employees may request a voluntary temporary layoff/furlough or reduction in in weekly hours (FTE) starting the week of June 21, 2020 by submitting a written request in advance of the effective date to their supervisor and a leave request using leave type “Voluntary LWOP” in the Leave System. The supervisor will review and approve or deny the request as soon as possible and prior to the effective date of the requested action.
  2. Voluntary layoffs/furloughs will be awarded on one-calendar workweek increments.  Employees may request to use their voluntary layoff workweek(s) consecutively or in separate workweeks.
  3. Voluntary temporary reduction in weekly FTE may be requested on a daily basis in accordance with (1) above.
  4. Any vacation leave approved by Evergreen prior to approved requests for temporary layoffs/furloughs will not be cancelled by Evergreen.  Approved vacation time shall proceed as scheduled as it is the employee’s time earned.  An employee may voluntarily choose to withdraw a previously approved vacation request, or modify said previously approved request, and request that the time be converted to temporary layoff/furlough.
  5. During a voluntary temporary layoff/furlough or reduction of FTE, the employee will accrue vacation and sick leave credit at their normal accrual rate.
  6. Employees have the opportunity to use eight (8) hours per month of accrued leave in order to maintain benefits.
  7. If a temporary reduction in FTE results in an overtime-exempt employee becoming overtime-eligible, the employee will accurately report hours worked – Positive Time Reporting – according to college procedure.
  8. Employees will return to their regular work schedule, regular shift, FTE, position and pay at the end of their temporary layoff/furlough unless notice is provided that indicates otherwise.
  9. Employees will not be required to perform work of any kind for Evergreen while on temporary layoff/furlough.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed to negate the rights of The Evergreen State College to permanently layoff staff in accordance with the End of Appointment for Exempt Non-Faculty Staff policy. 

Voluntary temporary layoffs and reductions in FTE will conclude on December 26, 2020.

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