Timely Evaluations of Students' Work

Effective Date
Faculty Agenda Committee and Provost

Every student at Evergreen has the right to receive a prompt and thorough evaluation of work completed. This is an essential element of the learning and, therefore, of the teaching process. Consequently, it is the responsibility of every member of the faculty to complete the evaluation of each student's work in a timely fashion at the end of an academic program, internship or individual learning contract. At the end of each quarter, students for whom evaluations are required are indicated on my.evergreen.edu. .

Evaluation Responsibilities

1. Faculty members teaching alone are responsible for the evaluations of each student registered in each of their offerings. Each quarter, faculty members who are teaching in teams must designate ,using the online form, which registered students each member of the team is responsible for evaluating.

2. For each of their students the faculty member must turn in in one of the following: (1) an official evaluation that complies with college policy, (2) an official report of no credit, (3) an official report of incomplete status due to unfinished work (see Section 7.625 of the Faculty Handbook). If none of these options has been completed within two weeks following the end of the last quarter in which the student is registered, the evaluation is considered overdue. (see section 6.2.2 (e) in CBA)

3. The faculty member shall be responsible for following up on and completing those evaluations dependent upon a third party (including field supervisors and subcontractors). If the faculty has a difficult time getting a response from the third party, they should notify the Program Secretaries and then take appropriate action in the best interests of the student for receiving a timely evaluation.

4. Faculty will have the opportunity to change the evaluation at any time before credit is posted. If credit has been posted the evaluation can be changed; however it will go to Registration and Records for review to determine if the academic record may be updated. If a transcript has already gone out, the only changes that will be accepted are those that change the student’s record of achievement, due to the fact that Registration and Records will need to retrieve the transcript from its recipient(s).