Student Mural Policy

Effective Date
Dean of Students
President and Vice Presidents


To provide an opportunity for students to create murals in specific locations.

Applies to

All current students and student groups.


The opportunity to paint murals within certain college buildings affords students opportunities for creative expression and has the potential to improve the appearance of campus facilities. To enhance the positive potential of the creation of murals the following shall be in place.

  1. Student created murals can be placed within the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) and the Campus Activities Building (CAB). In the Campus Recreation Center the location will be identified by the Director of Recreation and Athletics in consultation with the Student Art Committee. Locations in the CAB will be identified by a representative or representatives of the CAB Users Group chosen by that group and members of the Student Art Committee.
  2. Proposals for murals in the Campus Recreation Center are to be submitted to the Director of Recreation and Athletics and proposals for murals in the CAB are to be sent to the Director of Student Activities who will share the proposal with the selected members of the CAB Users Group. Members will be selected from the CAB Users Group on the basis of who out of the Users Group is most impacted, as decided by the Director of Student Activities. The individuals identified in this paragraph constitute the “approving parties”.
  3. Proposals shall include a detailed sketch of what is being created, a timeline for completion of the project, identification of the artist (A lead artist should be designated if more than one artist is involved), contact information for the artist, and a brief narrative describing what the murals intended value is to the Evergreen community.
  4. Approval of mural plans for the Campus Recreation Center must be obtained from both the Director of Recreation and Athletics and the Student Arts Committee. Approval of proposals for murals in the CAB must be made by both the designated member of the CAB Users Group and the Student Arts Commission. Proposal denial must be accompanied by a stated reason, and include recommendations for a path for approval.
  5. Approvals will be based on the apparent artistic quality of the project and satisfactory completion of guidelines in this policy.
  6. Murals will be painted on Hardi-Board panels affixed to the walls so that the art work can be moved from one location to another or returned to the artist upon request. Facilities staff will provide a cost estimate for affixing, maintaining and removal of the Hardi-Board panels. Facilities must be paid in advance for these costs before the project can proceed. The College’s Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator must approve the materials being used. Restoration work on damaged murals will be the responsibility of the artist and a failure to undertake such work could result in the removal of the mural.
  7. Murals will be displayed for one year. A mural may be displayed for two years upon request after the first year of its display. The approving parties identified above must approve the additional year. An additional year of display will not be granted if another mural has been approved for the same space.
  8. Murals are the property of the artist. At the time the mural is removed, it will be returned to the artist or lead artist as identified. Disposal of the mural will occur if the artist or lead artist is not interested in receiving the mural back or cannot be contacted. Before disposing of a mural, at least three attempts to reach the artist should be made before disposing of a mural.
  9. Should the number of requests for murals exceed the available space an attempt will be made to identify additional locations in the CAB or CRC based on the process identified above.
  10. This policy is intended to provide opportunities for students to create murals. Non- students may assist students in the creation of murals, but the execution of the murals should be largely left to students.