Strikes (Resolution No. 79-1)

Effective Date
Policy #12
Board of Trustees

The Evergreen State College will maintain its operation in as normal a manner as possible in any strike situation.

Supervisory personnel should review their operations so that they can advise of problem areas and be able to comply with as normal as possible operations of the institution during any strike situation.

The President may designate an individual who will have responsibility for coordinating efforts of the institution to maintain its operations where it appears a strike is imminent.

The institution will at all times maintain facilities so that any individual may continue to proceed to perform services for the institution and students can continue to attend classes. In a strike situation, supervisory personnel will be responsible for preparing attendance records for pay purposes. Any employee who does not perform services in a strike situation will be considered on strike and will not be paid unless he or she has express approval for the absence.

Supervisory personnel will report to the President or designee information such as maintenance of operations, employees in attendance, any acts of violence or damage, any problems concerning inability of employees to cross picket lines and any other relevant events precipitated by the strike situation.

Supervisory personnel may, during the strike situation, be transferred concerning the job duties they perform, and thus personnel records should be reviewed to determine possible options in transferring personnel to other duties.

Any statement concerning the position of the institution, whether made to the press, employees, students or staff, or others, will only be issued by the President.