Resource Faculty


Resource faculty are selected by the provost with appropriate advice from the TESC community to meet particular institutional needs. They may be full- or part-time. Normally, they will not be directly responsible for the generation of credit. Resource faculty appointments might be made in situations such as the following:

  1. Appointments under grant auspices in which the individual's remuneration is not part of the college's faculty entitlement.
  2. Appointments in which another institution bears the cost (if any) of the individual's being at Evergreen, e.g., faculty from other colleges and universities on paid sabbatical from their home institution who require institutional affiliation as a condition of their sabbatical.
  3. A limited number of persons serving in short-term capacities as visiting artist, scholar, or lecturer. Less than one FTE of faculty entitlement is to be used by the college in this fashion in any given year. Compensation (if any) in such appointments is set by and at the discretion of the provost corresponding to the individual's contractual obligations.

Resource faculty generally have contract periods of no more than one academic year and renewal options as appropriate to their situations.