Registration Audit Policy

Effective Date
President and Vice Presidents

An auditor is a class visitor permitted on a space-available basis to attend class without earning credit. Attendance in class beyond three visitations requires official approval from the instructor, enrollment through the office of Registration and Records, and payment of associated tuition and fees. Auditors are generally not allowed in offerings that use laboratory or studio facilities and where any participation requires significant attention from the instructor (e.g., in teaching group process skills). Class participation requirements are set by the instructor.

An auditor may enroll for no more than eight (8) audit hours per quarter. An auditor must receive instructor approval and is only able to enroll on a space available basis as determined by Registration and Records staff at the time of enrollment.

No academic credit will be awarded for auditing classes. No transcript record is created for audited programs or courses. Students may not base applications for Prior Learning Assessment on the content of programs or courses they have audited. Enrollment as an auditor does not entitle the student to a student ID card or validation sticker.

An auditor will be charged 50% of the published resident tuition rate. Any class fees required for students may apply. Charges are refundable until the end of the first week of the quarter, following the college’s 100% refund policy.