Prior Learning From Experience (PLE)


The coordinator of the prior learning from experience program will counsel with students who believe that prior work or volunteer experience may be creditable. She/he will evaluate the proposed experience to assure that it:

  1. Does not duplicate any other credit already earned;

  2. Was a viable learning experience; and

  3. Meets other criteria established for the problem.

Up to 45 quarter-hours of credit may be earned by writing a treatise which documents the college-level learning the student has acquired through life experience. This learning must have occurred in non-academic settings and before the student's first enrollment at Evergreen.

Faculty participate in the prior learning from experience process in two ways:

  1. Advising: the prior learning coordinator will assign individual faculty to work with students as they prepare written documents demonstrating the learning and understanding that grew from the experience(s);

  2. Reviewing: the prior learning coordinator will appoint individual review committees or each student (to which appropriate staff are also frequently assigned) who will read and review documents submitted for prior learning and make decisions about the credit-appropriateness of such documents.