This version of the Faculty Handbook represents a major rewrite of numerous policies undertaken in 1997. The site has been updated as policies have been changed since that time this complete document serves as a guiding document for the faculty. In addition to this Handbook, the College Policies and Procedures Manual, also on the web , includes rules for the entire institution.

This version of the Handbook reflects hundreds of hours of work by faculty and staff to revise several important policies, including the new Faculty Reappointment Policy, Library Faculty Reappointment Policy, Faculty Reduction-in-Force Policy, Academic Conflict Resolution Policy, Mid-Contract Termination with Adequate Cause Policy, Faculty Sick Leave Policy, Faculty Salary Grids, Patents and Copyrights Policy, and Amending Student Records Policy. This version of the Handbook also incorporates the recommendations of the Long Range Curriculum DTF regarding curriculum planning structures.

Revisions to the Handbook are coordinated through the provost's office. Revisions deemed "minor" by the Faculty Agenda Committee may be revised per their approval and approval of the provost. Revisions deemed "major" by the Faculty Agenda Committee will be discussed by the faculty of the whole, and when appropriate, voted on by the faculty. Major revisions may also need approval of the provost, president, and when appropriate, the Board of Trustees.

Special thanks go to Jane Wood, who coordinated all the revisions, editing, and printing for this Handbook.

Please direct any questions, comments, or suggestions to the Provost's office.