Pets on Campus

Director of Police Services
Board of Trustees


This policy and its implementation procedures intend to govern the control and treatment of pets and other animals on and in The Evergreen State College's campus and buildings. The intent of this policy is that pets and other animals must at all times be treated with due care and consideration for their well being. This policy allows for the existence of a pet owner's association which might, in its charter, provide for:

  1. Complaint resolution about enforcement;
  2. Support for enforcement activities;
  3. Fund-raising and advocacy for the renovation and expansion of kennels and/or a large enclosed dog run subject to facilities approval.


  1. Pets and other animals: means any animal other than:
    • A human being;
    • A caged bird; and
    • A fish in an aquarium.
  2. Physical control: means control by means of a leash, cage, bridle, bowl, or other restraining device held by the owner or keeper and leading to the pet or animal Voice control or indirect control by tying a leash to a railing, for example, shall not constitute physical control.
  3. Owner or keeper: means the person the pet or other animal is accompanying.

Animal control

All persons bringing animals onto college property shall be subject to Thurston county code 9.10.050 et seq., as amended, relating to the keeping and control of pet animals. Pets and other animals will not be allowed in campus buildings except for: guide animals accompanying disabled persons, shows or other similar approved events, or research or other study of animals sponsored as part of the instructional program. Pets and other animals may be on campus only when under the physical control of their owners or keepers. No animal shall be permitted to run at large; animals left tied up in the absence of the owner shall not be considered under direct control but, rather, to be running at large. Any pet animal found in a college building, or on campus not under direct physical control, is subject to impounding according to provisions of the Thurston county code, as amended, attached to and made a part of this policy.


Any pet or other animal in a college building, or on the campus, not under the direct physical control of its owner or keeper, is subject to impounding by campus security. Owners or keepers may be subject to disciplinary action. Although principal responsibility rests with campus security, community support is urged in reminding pet owners of their obligation if a violation is observed by a community member. Impounded animals may be turned over to Thurston county animal control if left unclaimed, and fines may be imposed by county animal control.