Interim Academic Standing Policy for Students

Effective Date

Academic standing policy 

The academic standing of each Evergreen student is carefully monitored to ensure the full development of his or her academic potential. Any student not making satisfactory academic progress, as defined below, is informed of his or her standing in the college and is advised accordingly. 

Evaluation by faculty of student achievement formally occurs at the conclusion of programs, contracts, courses and internships. In addition, any student in danger of receiving less than full credit is so notified in writing at mid-quarter by his or her sponsor. A student making unsatisfactory academic progress will receive an academic warning and may be required to take a leave of absence.

1. Academic warning. A student who earns fewer than three-fourths the number of registered credits in two successive quarters will receive an academic warning, issued by the dean of enrollment services. A student registered-for six (6) quarter-hours or more who receives no credit in any quarter will also receive an academic warning. Such warning will urge the student to seek academic advice or personal counseling from a member of the faculty or through appropriate offices in student development. A student will be removed from academic warning status upon receiving at least three-fourths of the credit for which s/he is registered in two successive quarters.

2. Required leave of absence. A student who has received an academic warning and who, at the next evaluation period, receives either an incomplete or less than three-fourths of the credit for which s/he is registered will be required to take a leave of absence, normally for one full year. A waiver of required leave can be granted only by the academic dean whose desk assignments include academic standing upon the student's presentation of evidence of extenuating circumstances. A student returning from required leave will re-enter on academic warning and will be expected to make satisfactory progress toward a bachelors degree. Failure to earn at least three-fourths credit at the first evaluation period will result in dismissal from the college.

3. Any student who is dismissed from the college for academic reasons will not be allowed to register for any academic program or course at the college during any subsequent quarter. A student who has been so dismissed may only be readmitted to the college through a successful petition to the academic deans. The petition must convince the deans that there are compelling reasons to believe that the conditions that previously prevented the student from making satisfactory progress at Evergreen have changed. 

For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, if students earn less than 75% of credits attempted, we will continue to send notices of Academic Standing status (including Academic Warning) in order to remind students of institutional expectations and responsibilities. We will suspend usual Required Leave actions for one quarter. We will encourage students to work through the following checklist for support. 

Checklist of actions students should take to address Academic Warning: 

  1. Reach out to your current faculty, acknowledging the notice you received from the College, consult about current credits likely earned, and build a working plan with that faculty to earn the most possible credits in the current quarter. 
  2. Reach out to Academic Advising to talk though potential consequences of repeated significant loss of credit. 
  3. Communicate with the Academic Deans ( about any concerns you have about academic standing. 

Ownership and accountability: 

This will temporarily replace the original Academic Warning policy in the Faculty Handbook, with the approval of the Agenda Committee. It will be governed by the current credit dispute policy. The duration of the new policy will be until Evergreen is prepared as a campus to enter Phase 4 of the Governor’s Safe Start Plan, and the Agenda Committee will revisit it next in August of 2020.