Interim Credit, Evaluations and Standing

Effective Date

Academic credit

Evergreen students will accumulate academic credit for work well done and levels of performance reached and surpassed. Only if students fulfill their academic obligations will full credit be entered on their permanent academic records. Otherwise, there will be either no entry, or the recording of fewer units of credit will represent what they have actually accomplished.

Academic credit is measured in standard quarter hours. Academic programs are typically designed as 8 quarter-hour (half-time), 12 quarter-hour, or 16 quarter-hour (full-time) offerings, except for modular courses which can be designed as anything from 6 quarter-hours to 1 quarter-hour, depending upon contact time and the nature of the work. Sixteen quarter-hours is the maximum credit a student can receive per quarter in a single offering and 20 quarter-hours is the maximum total credit load per quarter.

Although we continue to use “credit hours” that parallel our traditional “seat hours,” for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, the College will provide students access to alternatives to participation in synchronous activities, including in-person instruction. Students may not be able to access learning synchronously because of technology limitations, problems with internet access, caregiving obligations, economic disruption, health risk, quarantine, or illness. To the extent possible, all students will be provided the opportunity to earn comparable if in some cases not identical credits through alternate, remote, and/or asynchronous learning opportunities.

Ownership and accountability

This will temporarily replace the original credit policy in the Faculty Handbook, with the approval of the Agenda Committee. It will be governed by the current credit dispute policy. The duration of the new policy will be until Evergreen is prepared as a campus to enter Phase 4 of the Governor’s Safe Start Plan.