Good Standing Policy for Faculty


***Please note: This section has been superseded by a more recent policy. ***

One of the four critical criteria in faculty evaluation, among other things, is meeting commitments and being in "good standing." Being in good standing requires keeping a portfolio and meeting commitments with respect to completing student evaluations in accordance with the requirements set forth in Section 7.622 of the Faculty Handbook, Timely Evaluation of Students' Work.

To be eligible for all faculty development opportunities including professional leave, sponsored research awards, professional travel funds, summer institutes, faculty exchanges, and post-retirement employment contracts, faculty must be in good standing. One aspect of being in good standing is being current with one's student evaluations. This means that for a recipient of an award, all student evaluations for which the faculty member is responsible will have been completed or incomplete or late forms will have been appropriately filed and approved as required by faculty policy. The provost or deans will attempt to notify applicants for any award if they are not in good standing, preferably with sufficient time to correct any problem prior to the decision on the award of any faculty development opportunities, but they cannot guarantee that this will always happen.