Completion of Academic Work


Completion of work

1. A student will complete her/his study program and submit all written materials, including self-evaluation, by the ending date of the program or contract, as specified in writing at the beginning of the program or contract in the covenant. If a student changes her/his program before the originally specified ending date, the ending date for the old and new programs will be given on the change of registration form submitted to Registration and Records.

2. A written evaluation of the student's work is to be submitted to the program secretary no later than two weeks after the ending of the program or contract.

Incomplete status

1. If a student fails to complete her/his work on time (see "1" above), the faculty/staff sponsor must either:

  1. Grant partial or no credit on the credit report provided by Registration and Records; or

  2. Submit an incomplete form, also available from Registration and Records. This form, a copy of which is to be sent to the student immediately, will contain the maximum length of the incomplete, a summary of the policy on incompletes and is the student's only official notification of the incomplete status.

2. See also Section 7.625 of the Handbook.