Academic Deans: Terms and Compensation

Effective Date
The Faculty and the Provost

Each academic dean shall serve an initial term of four years and shall, with the approval of the provost, have the option to serve a second term of up to four years. Terms for academic deans typically begin and end during summer quarter. Each academic dean's salary shall be calculated as an annualized faculty salary (i.e. 4/3 times a dean's position on the salary scale) plus a percentage based on one's years of experience as a dean. That percentage is 6% in the first year and increases 1% per year to 10% in the fifth year and remains at 10% thereafter.

Faculty members serving as academic deans shall accrue sabbatical at the rate of one quarter of sabbatical per eight quarters of service (i.e. one quarter of sabbatical for two years of service). The FTE of the sabbatical accrued shall be equal to the FTE of the position served (i.e. individuals serving as full-time deans shall accrue full-time sabbatical). However, faculty members serving as academic deans are not eligible to take sabbatical leave during their term(s) of service as deans.