Sexual Assault

The Evergreen State College does tolerate sexual violence – including rape, sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Zero Tolerance for Sexual Violence

Sexual violence can include any form of actual or attempted sexual activity perpetrated upon a person without that person's consent. This includes both sexual behavior coerced through physical or verbal threats, force or other forms of manipulation and sexual behavior when one person cannot give consent due to incapacitation. Such activities are against the law and are a direct violation of the College's TitleIX Policy and Procedure. When violations are believed to have occurred, disciplinary action and/or criminal action can be pursued.

Conduct constituting sexual violence – such as rape, sexual or physical assault, stalking or sexual harassment – will not be tolerated. Students who commit sexual offenses of any form can be prosecuted under Washington State Criminal Code (RCW Chapter 9A) and/or disciplined under the College’s Student Conduct Code (WAC174-120).

The College is committed to preventing all forms of sexual assault and to providing accessible, responsive services to the survivors of sexual offenses.

Legal Reporting Options

If a survivor/victim would like to report a sexual assault, they may contact the campus police or sheriff’s department for the jurisdiction where the assault occurred.

Contact information for local and campus departments:

  • Campus Police Services - Seminar 1 Building, 360-867-6140.  
    An officer taking a report will thoroughly investigate the allegations and (depending on the outcome) will make an arrest and/or forward the information to the Thurston County Prosecutor. The officer will notify the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator as soon as possible. The coordinator will ask if you wish to have a professional advocate present during evidentiary questioning and for on-going support. If the accused is identified, a report will be filed with the Thurston County Sheriff’s office. When a campus police report is filed, the Grievance Officer is notified and will meet with you to discuss your grievance options if you wish.
  • Thurston County Sheriff - Courthouse Complex, Building 3 
    Call 911 or 786-5500 if the assault happens off-campus within the county.
  • Lacey Police Department, 420 College SE, Lacey, WA
    Call 911 or 360-459-4333
  • Olympia Police Department, 601 4th Avenue E, Olympia, WA
    Call 911 or 360-753-8300 if the assault happens off-campus in the city.
  • Tumwater Police Department, 555 Israel Rd SE, Tumwater, WA
    Call 911 or 360-754-4200.

Campus Reporting Options and Process

Survivors of sexual assault have the option of reporting to Campus Police for criminal justice, the Title IX Office for campus grievances, or to get support from a confidential resource.

Who to contact:

  • Title IX Office:
    Complaints regarding sexual harassment are processed through the Title IX Office. Resolution options include formal and informal options. Title IX can provide supportive measures to parties throughout the process.

  • Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Officer: Lori Mastin,
    The campus Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Officer is responsible for enforcing the college's commitment to promote, maintain and encourage a learning and work environment free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment.

    Sexual assault is considered a form of sexual harassment. A person who believes that they have been harassed or subject to discriminatory treatment within the Evergreen community because of race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, disability, pregnancy or veteran status, or has been retaliated against for participating in such a complaint process, can contact the office at

  • Confidential Resources: Confidential resources are not mandated to report any notification of sexual violence, and may be used for emotional support and assistance.

    • Safe Place Olympia: Community partner that provides free and confidential advocates and support for victims of sexual violence. 24-hour HelpLine at: 360-754-6300

    • Student Wellness Services: Provides confidential counseling and health care to students at Evergreen. 

If you experience sexual assault or rape, consider taking the following actions:

  1. Go to a safe place
  2. Call 911 or go as soon as possible to the emergency room, private doctor's office or Student Wellness Services. Even if you feel your physical injuries are not serious, you may have unseen cuts and bruising that need medical attention.
  3. Tell the medical facility you were sexually assaulted and request a forensic evidence exam. If you would like to report the crime at this time, ask them to call the police.
  4. Ask the medical facility to call a support person, such as a family member, friend or sexual assault advocate.
  5. For medical and forensic evidence purposes, it is important that you not shower, wash or douche after the assault. It is also important to save your clothing and any other evidence of the assault.
  6. Contact the Confidential Resources listed above for ongoing support.

Support is available to students whether an incident occurs on or off campus.

Following an incident, survivors are encouraged to make a report to the college or Evergreen P.D.

  • This action does not obligate prosecution, but it does make legal action possible if a decision to prosecute is made at a later date. The earlier an incident is reported, the easier it is to collect valuable evidence.
  • Survivors have the option of keeping their report of sexual assault in complete confidence.
  • The right to anonymity is protected while seeking support from Student Wellness Services. This office is considered a Confidential Resource.