Police Services

Evergreen’s Police Officers work with the campus community to create a safe environment on and around our 1000 acre campus.

About Police Services

The Department of Police Services is a full service agency with commissioned police officers and dispatchers. They have the same authority as any other police officer in Washington state.

We work with the campus community and other local law enforcement agencies to prevent and respond to crime. Overall Evergreen is a very safe place for our students, staff, and faculty. See recent statistics.

Get the right help

If you have an in-progress event or an incident involving the immediate safety of a person or persons call (360) 867-6140 or 911.

If you do not need in-person contact please fill out our online report.

  • Emergency: call 911 or (360) 867-6140. Trained dispatchers will get you the help you need.
  • Blue emergency phones are located across campus and connect directly to dispatchers.
  • Call (360) 867-6832 if you need an escort across campus or to your car, or if you’ve locked yourself out of your car, or if you need a jumpstart.

Protect your belongings

  • License your bicycle or register other valuables. It’s easy and free. Bring your bike, laptop, and so on to the Police Services front counter during business hours and we’ll help you out.

Questions about marijuana

Possession or use of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia is prohibited on campus, including for medical purposes.

Federal law prohibits marijuana possession and use of any kind and they require colleges to prohibit marijuana possession and use, even though Washington state law allows some uses of marijuana. Because The Evergreen State College receives federal funds, the College must adhere to federal laws pertaining to possession and use of marijuana.

Please do not use or carry marijuana anywhere on the campus; if we find it, we’ll have to confiscate and destroy it. (See also: Housing Policies.)

Requests records

You can request police records. Fill out the police record request form (PDF) and turn it in to the front counter located in SEM I 2150. Email requests may be submitted to ecos@evergreen.edu or publicrecords@evergreen.edu