Security in Campus Housing

There are approximately 1,000 students who reside in four freshman residence halls and two dozen apartment style residence buildings on the Evergreen campus. 

Alcohol is totally prohibited in Substance Free and Freshman Housing for residents or guests.  Consumption or possession of alcohol by students in public areas of the College property is prohibited.  Kegs are prohibited for any use.  Living on our Campus

Off-campus housing includes apartments in complexes such as Cooper’s Glen and Rock Maple, private homes, and individual rooms and apartments within private homes.  The college does not provide supervision for off-campus housing.

Each residential hall building is staffed by one or more Resident Assistant (RAs) and the apartment style housing has 1 RA per 2 buildings.  In addition, four Resident Directors (RDs) also live within on-campus housing.  These individuals comprise a team of Student Affairs professionals who are on-call 24/7 to serve the needs of the on-campus residential community.

College housing provides coeducational housing for such lifestyle options as quiet, substance free, sustainability, gender neutral, and families.  Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests.  Guests may stay overnight with the written approval of all of the host’s roommates and the on-duty Resident Assistant.  An approved guest may stay no more than three days and two nights in one month. Unapproved guests are not permitted to stay overnight.

The college trespass policy, enforced by college police, is as follows:

Only those persons having legitimate business with Evergreen, members of the college community, and their invited guests are permitted in Evergreen residential buildings.  The college reserves the right to exclude all persons not conforming to acceptable behavior from Evergreen premises.

Evergreen police officers have the discretion to serve verbal or written trespass notices and may make immediate arrests of persons in secure areas for which they have no legitimate business.  If a person for whom a trespass notice is in effect appears on campus, he or she is subject to immediate arrest for either Criminal Trespass 2° (RCW 9A.52.080) or Criminal Trespass 1° (RCW 9A.52.070), depending upon the circumstances.

Firearms and dangerous weapons of any type are not permitted in the residence halls or other college facilities including inside vehicles parked on campus. Provisions for storage of firearms can be made with college police for short-term purposes, such as hunting off-campus. Strict sign-in and sign-out procedures are followed.

Evergreen does not have any off campus student groups/organizations.