Prevention Efforts

Through a cooperative effort between Police Services, Campus Housing, Student and Academic Support Services, Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and  Vice President for Student Affairs prevention efforts regarding personal safety, rape prevention, substance abuse, self-defense and prevention of burglary, theft and vandalism are conducted regularly throughout the school year.

Each fall, in cooperation with Police Services, Campus Housing assists in distributing safety literature to each resident student and encourages all residents to attend hall meetings on personal safety.  Resident staff in each hall offers a number of programs throughout the year to students in their areas on varying topics of personal safety.

In addition to the crime prevention programs conducted each year, Police Services also provides timely warnings for serious crimes through the use of local media, including the campus newspaper and radio station as well as our web site and e2Campus, which is an emergency information text system to your cell phone. The media sources are also used regularly to provide crime prevention awareness and education.