Teaching and Learning at Evergreen

Transcript Review

In August 2018, a group of faculty, staff and students used the Expectations rubric* established by the 2009 Transcript Assessment team to assess another random sample of transcripts of Evergreen graduates. Exactly 138 transcripts from the class of 2017 were assessed to determine what degree the graduates met the Expectations of an Evergreen Graduate. The use of the same Expectations Coding Key* for three consecutive transcript reviews allowed for a more reliable exploration of potential changes from the baseline study of the 2008 class.

*The Synthesis rubric domain was revised and updated to more accurately reflect synthesis for the 2018 transcript review.

End-of-Year Program Review

The End-of-Program Review was created by Evergreen's Assessment Study Group to improve cross-curricular general education and to help the college recognize and articulate curricular offerings.

Program Trends

Five-year Review 

Annual Review

Results by Academic Area