Posting Policy and Procedures

Effective Date
Chief Administrative Officer
President and Vice Presidents

The Evergreen State College (College) is committed to a safe and well-maintained campus environment, and to the free expression of ideas.  In order to balance these interests, the Evergreen State College adopts this policy which designates certain areas as limited public forums subject to compliance with this policy.  Posting by the public and campus community is limited to the areas identified in this policy.  All other posting locations on campus are non-public forums subject to the identified purpose for which those locations are established.

All postings must include the name of the sponsoring person, organization, or group and an email address or telephone number at which they may be contacted.


Campus Community

Faculty, staff, and students currently enrolled or employed at the Evergreen State College.



Public Posting Areas

Members of the public and the campus community may post materials that advertise, publicize, or otherwise provide notice of classes, activities, events, or information consistent with and supportive of the teaching, research, and public service mission of the Evergreen State College in the following locations:

  1. Exterior locations:
    • Kiosk at the main bus loop, McCann Plaza
    • Kiosk in front of the Library
    • Kiosk on the north side of the CAB
    • Exterior of Laundry Room at the Mods, Residential & Dining Services (RAD)
    • Concrete wall opposite the east entrance to Einstein’s Bagel Brothers at Seminar 2B
  1. Interior locations
    • Library 2nd floor lobby, column just inside main entrance
    • CAB, all bulletin boards marked as public posting boards
    • Residence Hall A, boards on the Ground and 2nd floor lobbies
    • Housing Community Center (HCC), 2 boards

Flyers and posters may not exceed the size of the background to which they are affixed and may only be affixed using push pins or blue painter’s tape.

Posting on glass doors or windows is reserved for emergency notifications, postings required by law or building code, or specific timely notifications at building entrances as determined by the college administration.

Removal schedule

The campus-wide removal schedule for all postings at public spaces is the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month and will be posted at each public posting location.  If the College is prevented from removing postings per this schedule due to an emergency or some other unforeseen event, postings will be removed on the soonest following scheduled Tuesday. 

Employee use of public posting areas

Employees may use the public posting areas for non-college related events so long as they do so during a scheduled break-time and without using college resources. 

Campus Community Posting Areas

The Evergreen State College designates the following additional locations as limited public fora for use by the campus community to post college-sponsored information, meetings and events:

  1. Banner Locations:
    • Library Building, 3rd floor mezzanine railing
    • Library Building, above south (main) entrance.  Contact Facilities for banner hanging and removal; approximate cost is $75-$100.
    • CAB, 3rd floor mezzanine railing
    • Select locations in the CAB, please see Student Activities for permission.
  1. Banners:
    • Banner must not exceed 3 ft. x 7 ft. and be hung vertically at railings and horizontally above the Library entrance.
    • Banners at interior locations shall be hung using blue painters tape. Tape is available for check-out from the Student Activities front desk.
    • Banners advertising an event should be posted for no more than two weeks and must be removed in a timely manner after the event.
    • Banners should be removed or updated at the end of the quarter.
    • In the event that railings fill up, priority will be given to college-sponsored events occurring in the next 2 weeks
  1. Chalking Locations:
    • Exterior horizontal surfaces not covered by an overhang, i.e. in open areas that can be directly washed by rain.
  1. Chalking:
    • Only standard non-toxic, water soluble “sidewalk chalk” is allowed.
    • Chalking cannot interfere with another message that has already been chalked.
  1. A-Boards (Sandwich Boards) Locations:
    • A-Boards are permitted provided they are not obstructing a path of travel, e.g. reducing the width of a sidewalk to less than 3’-0” or blocking access to a building entrance. 
  1. Yard Signs (placards stuck in the ground with wire, plastic, or wooden stakes) Locations:
    • Yard Signs require the approval of the Campus Land Use Committee.


Conditions for removal of Public Postings outside of the posted removal times:

  1. The posting occurs in a space other than the designated areas listed above.
  2. The sponsoring person/group is not identified on the posting.
  3. The posting is otherwise out of compliance with the posting policy stated herein.
  4. In the event that public posting areas fill up, priority will be given to college-sponsored events occurring in the next 2 weeks.
  5. The posting violates the Student Conduct Code and/or the law.

Members of the college community who do not comply with this policy will be reported to the appropriate college office or agency for action in accord with established college policies.

Unwarranted Removal of Postings:

  • If a sponsoring person/group alleges that their posters have been removed in a manner that is not consistent with the Posting Policy, they should contact the area responsible for the scheduled removal of posters in public areas.  This would be RAD for Exterior location #4 and Interior locations #3 and #4 listed above; Student Activities for postings at the CAB, and Facilities for all other locations listed above.


The Campus Land Use Committee (CLUC) has the authority to consider any exceptions to this policy on a case by case basis.

Annual Assessment

The posting policy will be revisited by the CLUC annually during Fall Quarter.  Any modifications or recommendations forwarded to the CLUC prior to the first day of instruction of Fall Quarter will be considered in the annual evaluation.